Manitoba Heritage Council Commemorative Plaques

Brandon Mental Health Centre Nurses Residence
SW 31-10-19 WPM

Brandon Mental Health Centre Nurses Residence
Designation Date: April 17, 2001
Designation Authority: Honourable Ron Lemieux,
Minister of Culture, Heritage and Tourism
Present Owner: Brandon (City)

The Brandon Mental Health Centre (originally called the Brandon Asylum) was created in 1890. After a fire in 1910 destroyed the original building, expansion began in 1912 with the construction of the massive Parkland Building. Several other large patient treatment buildings were added over the years.

A necessary part of the complex was a nurses' residence, built in 1920-23. Whereas the other buildings are grand and institutional in character, the Nurses' Residence, designed by architects Jordan and Over, has a more informal character. That sensibility starts with the floor plan, in which the long rectangular dormitory wings are angled inward, like two sheltering arms. A classically detailed portico adds a strong note of dignity at the main entrance. The interior is finished with oak woodwork, mosaic tiles, wrought iron staircases and ornamental plasterwork. Common rooms are highlighted with elegant mural paintings.