Manitoba Heritage Council Commemorative Plaques

Through the placement of heritage site markers, the Manitoba Heritage Council annually honours people, places and events that are considered of provincial historical significance.

Plaque inscriptions are a reflection of the time when they were produced. New information may become available, or interpretations may change over time. For selected plaque inscriptions on the website, interpretive notes have been added to reflect current understanding.

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Name Location
4-H Clubs of Canada Roland
Abbey of Our Lady of the Prairies St. Norbert
Ancient Traders in Southern Manitoba Melita
Anson Northup, The Winnipeg
Archway Warehouse, Jail and Powder Magazine Norway House
Asessippi Townsite Russell
Assiniboin (Nakota) First Nation Spruce Woods Provincial Park
Assiniboine River, The St. François Xavier
Bank of Nova Scotia Winnipeg
La Barrière St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park
Beautiful Plains County Court Building Neepawa
Beginning of the Jewish Community in Manitoba Winnipeg
Belcourt, Georges-Antoine Elie
Bender Hamlet Narcisse
Boulder Mosaics Whiteshell Provincial Park
Boundary Commission Trail Emerson
Boundary Commission Trail - Turtlehead Crossing Deloraine
Brandon College Brandon
Brandon Courthouse and Gaol Brandon
Brandon Mental Health Centre Nurses Residence Brandon
Brandon Normal School Brandon
Brant Consolidated School Argyle
Breland, Pascal St. François Xavier
Budd, Reverend Henry The Pas
Button, Sir Thomas Churchill
Camp Hughes Carberry
Central Normal School Winnipeg
Chapelle de Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Secours St. Norbert
Clearwater Canadian Pacific Railway Water Tower Clearwater
Commonwealth Air Training Plan Hangar Brandon
Countess of Dufferin Winnipeg
Courier Publishing Company Building Crystal City
Criddle, Norman Spruce Woods Provincial Park
Cross of Freedom  Valley River
Cuthbert Grant St. François Xavier
Dalnavert Winnipeg
Daly, Thomas Mayne Brandon
Darlingford Memorial and Park Darlingford
Dauphin Canadian Northern Railway Station Dauphin
Dauphin Town Hall Dauphin
Davis, Robert A. Winnipeg
Dawson Road Whiteshell Provincial Park
Display Building Number II Brandon
Dorset Culture in Manitoba, The Churchill
Dorset Culture in Manitoba, The Pre- Churchill
Douglas, Thomas, 5th Earl of Selkirk Winnipeg
Drewry, Edward Lancaster Winnipeg
Dubuc, Sir Joseph Winnipeg
Dufferin Winnipeg
East and West Mossy Portages Easterville
Emerson Court House and Gaol Emerson
Emmett, A. C. - and the Development of Manitoba's Highways Kirkella
Extinct Bison of Manitoba Binscarth
Falcon, Pierre St. François Xavier
Fidler, Peter Dauphin
First Farmers in the Red River Valley Lockport
Flee Island Dakota Entrenchment R.M. of Portage la Prairie
Fort des Pinettes - Pine Fort  Spruce Woods Provincial Park
Fort Ellice Trail St. François Xavier & Lions River Bend Park Neepawa
Fossil Elephants of Manitoba, The Birds Hill Provincial Park
Garry Telephone Exchange Winnipeg
Great-West Life Building Winnipeg
Grove, Frederick Phillip Rapid City
Girard, Marc-Amable Winnipeg
Glacial Lake Agassiz  Birch River Wayside Park
Glenboro Canadian Pacific Railway Water Tower Glenboro
Grand Rapids Tramway Grand Rapids
Greenway, Thomas Crytstal City
Griswold United Church Griswold
Grund Frelsis (Liberty) Lutheran Church R.M. of Argyle
H.P. Tergesen General Store Gimli
Heaps, Abraham Albert Winnipeg
Hind, E. Cora Winnipeg
Historic Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Resurrection Dauphin
Holy Ghost Polish Catholic Church Winnipeg
The Hudson Bay Railway Churchill
Icelandic Settlement - Gimli Gimli
Icelandic Settlement - Riverton  Riverton
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Temple Neepawa
Inglis Grain Elevator Row Inglis
Isbister School Winnipeg
Kahanovitch, Rabbi Israel Isaac Winnipeg
Kennedy, Captain William, 1814-1890 R.M. of St. Andrews
Kildonan Presbyterian Church Winnipeg
Kildonan School  Winnipeg
Knox Presbyterian Church Neepawa
Knox United Church Winnipeg
La Rivière Canadian Pacific Railway Station La Riviere
La Vérendrye Winnipeg
Lamb, Thomas Henry Peacock Moose Lake
Laurence, Margaret Neepawa
Legislative Building Winnipeg
Lépine, Ambroise-Didyme Winnipeg
Lillian Beynon Thomas Winnipeg
Lord Selkirk Scotland
Lynch Party, The Lynch's Point
Major Charles A. Boulton 1841-1899 Russell
Mandy Mine Flin Flon
Manitoba Agricultural College Winnipeg
Manitoba's First Explorers Boissevain
Manitoba Glass Factory, The Beausejour
Manitoba, Origin of the Name Lake Manitoba at the Narrows
Manitoba Women's Institute Morris
McClung, Nellie Manitou
McKay, James Winnipeg
McKenzie, A.E. - Company Building Brandon
McRae, Duncan Lockport
Mennonite Settlement East Reserve Steinbach
Mennonite Settlement West Reserve Altona and Rosenfeld
Merchants Bank Building Brandon
Middle Track The Pas
Minnedosa Public Building Minnedosa
Morton, William Lewis Gladstone
Munk, Jens Expedition Churchill
Nor' Wester, The Winnipeg
Northern Pacific and Manitoba Railway Repair Shop Winnipeg
Northern Manitoba Boundaries Grand Rapids Grand Rapids
Northern Manitoba Boundaries Red Deer River Red Deer River
Old Copper in Manitoba Whiteshell Provincial Park
The Pas Community Building and Court House The Pas
Passage, The Winnipeg
Paterson/Matheson House Brandon
Paulencu House R.M. of Shellmouth
Peguis, Chief East Selkirk
Pembina - Emerson Area East of Emerson
Pilot Mound Pilot Mound
Pinawa Power Site Pinawa
Portage la Prairie Indian Residential School Portage la Prairie
Postage Stamp Province Winnipeg Beach, Grand Marais, Piney, Oak Point, Gladstone and Mariapolis
Prince, Thomas George (Tommy)  Scanterbury
Ralph Connor House Winnipeg
Red Deer Lumber Company Swan River
Red River Floodway  Duff Roblin Provincial Park
Red River Settlement Winnipeg
Riel, Louis Winnipeg
Rindisbacher, Peter Winnipeg
Rossville Mission Norway House
Roy, Gabrielle Winnipeg
Royal, Joseph Winnipeg
St. Andrew's Anglican Church R.M. of St. Andrews
St. Anne's Church Poplar Point
St. Boniface Winnipeg
St. Elias Ukrainian Orthodox Church and Bell Tower Sundown
St. Elijah Romanian Orthodox Church R.M. of Shellmouth
Old St. James Anglican Church Winnipeg
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church L.G.D. of Park
St. John's Cathedral Winnipeg
St. Laurent Mission St. Laurent
St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church Trembowla
St. Michael's Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church Gardenton
St. Norbert St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park
St. Paul's Middlechurch 1825 Winnipeg
St. Paul's United Church Boissevain
St. Peter's Dynevor Anglican Church R.M. of St. Clements
Salvation Army Winnipeg
Seton, Ernest Thompson Carberry
Seven Oaks House Winnipeg
Seven Oaks House Museum Winnipeg
Sigtryggur Jonasson Gimli
Silver Heights Winnipeg
Skinner, Frank Leith Dropmore
Skippy L The Pas
Stewart, Dr. David Alexander Ninette
Stockton Ferry Stockton
Stonewall Post Office Stonewall
Stonewall Quarries, The Stonewall
Stopping the Survey Winnipeg
Stott Site, The  Brandon
Swan River Valley Swan River
T.A. Burrows Mill Site Grandview (R.M.)
Tamarisk United Church R.M. of Grandview
Thompson Nickel Discovery Thompson
Town of Morris Morris
Turtle Mountain Coal Mines Goodlands
Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception Cooks Creek
Ukrainian Labor Temple Brandon
Villa Louise Stonewall
Virden Municipal Building and Auditorium Virden
Walker Theatre Winnipeg
Wasyl Negrych Homestead Venlaw
Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company Building Wawanesa
Westminster United Church Winnipeg
Wigwam Restaurant and Park Theatre Wasagaming
Wild Ricing in Manitoba Whiteshell Provincial Park
Winnipeg Aqueduct, The Winnipeg
Winnipeg Beach Canadian Pacific Railway Resort Water Tower Winnipeg Beach
Winnipeg Labor Temple Winnipeg
Winnipeg's First Children's Hospital Winnipeg
Wolfe, Major-General James Winnipeg
Wolseley Expedition Winnipeg
Women's Tribute Memorial Lodge Winnipeg
Woodsworth, James Shaver Winnipeg
Yeomans, Dr. Amelia Winnipeg
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