Manitoba Heritage Council Commemorative Plaques

E. Cora Hind

E. Cora Hind
(Courtesy of the Archives of Manitoba)
Installed 1981
Interior, Winnipeg Free Press Building
1355 Mountain Avenue, Winnipeg

Born in Toronto, Ella Cora Hind came to Winnipeg in 1882. Winnipeg's first public stenographer, she was a legal secretary from 1884 to 1891, and established her own typing bureau in 1893.

Active in the Women's Christian Temperance Union, a founding member of the Manitoba Equal Franchise League, and the Political Equality League, she contributed to the campaign which gained Manitoba women the right to vote in 1916.

After 1901 she gained renown as the agricultural editor of the Free Press, and an active member of many agricultural associations. Her analyses of crop yields, livestock breeding, food production and international marketing gained her an international reputation. Her commitment to efficient farm and market management, made her influential in the increasingly complex economy of the prairie west.