Manitoba Heritage Council Commemorative Plaques

T.A. Burrows Mill Site

T.A. Burrows Mill Site
Installed 2010
NW 24-25-24 WPM
Grandview (R.M.)

The T.A. Burrows Mill Site at Grandview preserves physical remnants of one of Manitoba's largest early sawmills and also recognizes a leading pioneer of the lumber industry. The sprawling Grandview operation, active from 1903 to 1918, once supported saw, planing and lath mills, drying and storage yards, workers’ housing, barns and many other ancillary facilities. At its peak, the mill and its related logging activities employed up to 1,000 hands and processed in one season 13.2 million board feet of wood. This operation was one of five developed by Theodore Arthur Burrows, whose ventures were instrumental in promoting the development of Grandview and other communities in the province's Parkland region. Burrows (1857-1929) was Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba from 1926-29.