Fairer Cellphone Rules for Manitobans

Cellphone legislation gives you greater consumer rights for your cellphone and puts Manitoba in the forefront of consumer cellphone protection.

The rules focus on ensuring that contracts are clear and provide all important information for consumers.  They also ensure that cell phone contracts are fair to both consumers and businesses. The legislation:

  • Requires companies to provide a copy of the contract to consumers before the contract begins;
  • Requires companies to fully disclose and explain all charges fees and terms;
  • Restricts companies from making unilateral changes to contract terms;
  • Allows consumer to cancel contracts at any time, for a reasonable cancellation fee;
  • Requires the minimum monthly cost to be included in advertisements; and
  • Restricts automatic cell phone contract renewals.

More Information on Manitoba’s Cell Phone Contract Laws

Questions or problems with your cell phone contract?

If you have questions about the new rules, or you have a problem with your cell phone contract, you can contact:

Consumer Protection Office
302-258 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0B6

Telephone (Winnipeg and area): 204-945-3800
Toll-free within Manitoba: 1-800-782-0067
Fax: 204-945-0728
Email: consumers@gov.mb.ca
Website: Consumer Protection Office