Respectful Workplace

Reports and Statistics


The Manitoba government has released two reports looking at sexual harassment, harassment and its respectful workplace policies and procedures.

The first report focuses on what was heard from employees about their experiences with sexual harassment throughout their careers in the Manitoba government. The second report outlines specific recommendations from an external consultant, MLT Aikins, to improve policies and procedures related to harassment including sexual harassment.



  • Beginning in 2017/18, the Public Service Commission reports annually on the number and type of allegations raised by employees as follows:
  • the number of respondents to allegations,
  • the number of investigations conducted,
  • the number of substantiated and unsubstantiated allegations, and
  • information related to the outcomes of investigations including disciplinary measures.

2017/18 Statistics

  • Beginning in 2018/19, the Public Service Commission has expanded its reporting to include:
  • the number of complaints related to sexual harassment, and
  • the outcomes for the substantiated allegations related to sexual harassment complaints.

2018/19 Statistics