Community Situation Report

Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization requests the following information from local authorities to ensure the coordination of provincial government resources in support of the pending current situation. The right side of the form below provides specifics on the type of information we are requesting. This does not replace or prejudice any impact assessments that will be done to assess the event afterward.

The information you provide will be treated as confidential and will only be used internally by Manitoba EMO.

Complete a Local Authority Situation Report:

Should you have any questions about the Local Authority Situation Report, please contact us.

Local Authority Information

Local Authority:
Contact Person Name:
     Phone Number:
Alternate Contact Name:
     Alternate Position/Title:
     Alternate Email:
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1. Local Conditions

Question and Answer
Type of information requested
What are your current conditions?:
  • Do you have any standing water?
  • What is the condition of your drains and culverts?
  • Have any municipal roads been damaged?
  • What is the weather and flood forecast for your area?
  • How will this forecast affect conditions in your municipality?

What conditions do you expect in the next 48 hours?

2. Response Actions Taken

Question and Answer
Type of information requested
What response actions have been taken?:
  • Have you completed any sandbagging?
  • Has your Emergency Operations Centre been opened?
  • How many employees are working to respond to this event?

3. Response Actions Planned

Question and Answer
Type of information requested
Response actions planned for next 48 hour?
  • What actions, such as those outlined in Question #2, are you planning to do in the near future?
  • Please provide an outline of your plans for the next 48 hours, and for the next 7 days.

Response actions planned for next 7 days?

Priority concerns for next 48 hours and 7 days?
  • What are your primary concerns for the next 48 hours and 7 days?
  • If there is a particular operational problem that you are concerned with, please indicate your concerns in this section.

4. Damages

Question and Answer
Type of information requested
Confirmed damages?
  • What kinds of damages have been reported?
  • Can you break them into private, business, and municipal damages?
  • Damages may include basement flooding or road damage.

Unconfirmed damages?

Projected damages?


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