The Francophone Affairs Secretariat advises the government of Manitoba about Francophone affairs, including the measures to be taken to foster the enhancement of the vitality of Manitoba’s Francophone community and support and assist its development. In fulfilling its mandate, the Secretariat, among other things, guides, monitors and coordinates the implementation of the French-Language Services Policy in a manner consistent with the concept of active offer.

Proclamation Journêe internationale de la francophonie
Journée internationale
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The Secretariat facilitates, guides and monitors all government department activity concerning French language services. It serves as a liaison between the government and French-speaking organizations in the province.

The Secretariat provides assistance and guidance to the public bodies covered by the French-Language Services Policy.

The Secretariat coordinates the development of the annual appendices to the Canada-Manitoba Agreement on French-Language Services.

The Secretariat assumes responsibility for matters relating to organizations (provincial, national, international) whose role it is to promote the French language and culture.

The Secretariat also deals with representations or complaints from the public about French language services.