Translation Services

The Translation Services Branch was established in 1974 to provide quality, cost-effective written and oral translation services in the official languages to Manitoba Government departments, agencies, Crown corporations, the Legislative Assembly and the Courts as required by The Manitoba Act and the French Language Services Policy of Manitoba.

Translation Services provides, on average, 12,000 pages of written translation annually. The branch employs 16 full-time language professionals (i.e. translators, revisers, terminologists and interpreters) and has contracts with many translators.


Business opportunities

Translation Services relies on a network of qualified freelance translators to support its operations and chooses its suppliers based on rates, references, experience and training, availability and area of specialization. When business opportunities arise, they are indicated here and communicated to professional associations. Translation Services requires English to French and French to English translation and does not provide foreign languages translation.

NOTE: Translation Services is not accepting proposals for written translation at this time. A Request for Proposals is issued every three years, with the next opportunity to submit proposals coming in 2022.