International Projects

The International Relations Division coordinates the Government of Manitoba’s involvement in international development projects and helps Manitoba-based companies and organizations pursue international development projects.  It is also active in nurturing relationships with the six International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and with Global Affairs Canada - International Development .  As a result, the World Bank invited Manitoba’s International Projects Initiative to be part of its Private Sector Liaison Officer (PSLO) network, which gives priority access to World Bank information and helps our companies and organizations to pursue projects funded by the World Bank.  Manitoba's approach involves creating consortia and partnerships to provide the breadth of expertise and resources required to tackle complex international projects.  By pooling expertise and capabilities, Manitoba can be more successful in bidding on and winning international projects.

Over the years, the Government of Manitoba has participated directly in international development projects, primarily funded by Global Affairs Canada - International Development .  As a result, the Government of Manitoba has an internationally recognized reputation for excellence in a wide array of governance and public service areas, such as government financial systems, human resource management, environmental stewardship, sustainable agriculture, forest and water management, emergency response, and social and educational programming.

These contributions demonstrate the Province's commitment to helping other nations build the public services they want and need in order to improve safety and quality of life, and to access tools they can use to build their economies, strengthen their democratic societies and break the cycle of poverty.

These projects not only help the recipient country strengthen its own governance and delivery capabilities, provincial government staff gain valuable international experience that can be utilized in their own job-related duties.  In addition, the Province’s direct involvement in international projects and its internationally recognized expertise provides the potential for generating revenues which can be re-invested back into meeting the needs of Manitoba businesses and institutions involved in international development activities.