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Adult Abuse Registry

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The purpose of the Adult Abuse Registry is to help protect specified adults by allowing employers to screen potential employees and volunteers who want to work with specified adults.


The Registry contains names of persons who have been found to have abused or neglected a specified adult. A specfified adult means an adult living with an intellectual disability, defined under The Adults Living with an Intellectual Disability Act as an adult living with an intellectual disability who is need of assistance to meet his or her basic needs with regard to personal care or management of his or her property and patient is defined under The PPCA as an adult, other than an adult living with an intellectual disability under The VPA, who is a resident or an in-patient in a hospital, personal care home or Selkirk Mental Health Centre or is receiving respite care in such a facility, receiving services in a geriatric day hospital that is managed by a hospital designated by regulation under The Health Services Insurance Act, or receiving services in an emergency department or urgent care centre of a hospital.


How is a name placed on the Registry?

There are 2 ways that a name may be listed on the Registry:

  • If a person has been found or pleaded guilty to an offence involving the abuse or neglect of a specified adult, the person’s name must be placed on the Registry. As long as the person is likely to be in Manitoba, it does not matter where the offence took place.
  • If the Adult Abuse Registry Committee determines, using its own process, that a person has abused or neglected a specified adult and that the person’s name should be placed on the Registry, the name must be placed on the Registry. The Committee receives cases to review for this purpose from government officials who are responsible for investigating suspected cases of abuse or neglect of specified adults. 

Who has access to the information on the Registry?

Access to the Registry is restricted and all names and information are confidential. The general public does not have access to the Registry. Access to the Registry is allowed only to certain people, in specific circumstances. Information would be provided in the following situations:

  • A designated officer conducting a protection investigation may apply for access to the Registry without consent of the person;
  • A peace officer may apply for access to the Registry when the information is required for the peace officer to carry out his or her duties; and
  • An employer or other person may apply for access (with the person’s written consent) to check if a person is listed on the AAR.


Any person may apply for a check to determine if his or her name is listed on the Registry.

NOTE: Applicants must provide two valid pieces of government-issued identification (ID), one of which must include the applicant's name, date of birth, signature, photo and an expiry date.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
Our office is closed during all holidays

Fees & Online Payment Information

There is a $20.00 fee for your initial application.
Each additional application is $5.00 when requested at the time of submission.

There are four (4) payment options when you apply online. These include:

  • Mastercard (credit card)
  • Visa (credit card)
  • Debit Mastercard (direct payment card)
  • Debit Visa (direct payment card)

Contact your financial institution (i.e., bank) should you have questions about any of the available payment options.


Adult Abuse Registry Unit
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Report to the Adult Abuse Registry Committee - Designated Officer (PDF 195 KB)

Report to the Adult Abuse Registry Committee (PDF 209 KB)