Intellectual Disability Issues Advisory (IDIA) Council

Manitoba Families is pleased to announce the creation of the Intellectual Disability Issues Advisory (IDIA) Council. This council supports the Manitoba government’s commitment to collaborative partnership and engagement with community stakeholders, in bringing transformative and positive changes in our programs to better support Manitobans with an intellectual disability.

We value the insights of our community stakeholders to guide the development and implementation of effective programs for adults with an intellectual disability. In keeping with these values, the council will be composed of community representatives, as follows:

  • a representative from service delivery organizations
  • a representative from disability advocacy organizations
  • a representative from families of people with an intellectual disability
  • two representatives of self-advocates, of which at least one must be an adult with an intellectual disability
  • a representative of Indigenous stakeholders

The council will be chaired by the Assistant Deputy Minister of Families for Corporate Services, and will serve as an advisory body to the minister of families on matters related to services for adults with an intellectual disability, including the implementation of the recommendations of the Vulnerable Persons Task Force [link to the Vulnerable Persons Task Force recommendations].

Call for Interest:

The department is now accepting applications for council membership from community stakeholders until September 30, 2022, at midnight. Additional information and an application form can be found in the Call for Interest document.

Download the plain language background information and a plain language version of the application form.

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