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Who Is Eligible?

This program is for Manitobans who:

  • Have a severe and prolonged disability that makes daily life difficult, AND
  • Need help paying for basic living costs.

Some people will automatically meet these requirements. For others, there will be a few steps to apply and find out whether the program is right for them.

People who will be instantly eligible

You will be welcomed into the program right away if you receive EIA Disability plus one or more of the qualifying disability supports:

  • Receive Community Living DisABILITY Services
  • Live in a personal care home
  • Receive Canada Pension Plan Disability benefits

If you are in this group, we know you will meet all eligibility requirements. Therefore, there is no need to apply.

You will be contacted prior to the launch in January 2023 with more details on the program and how to opt out if you choose not to enrol.

Other Manitobans

In the spring of 2023, we will begin inviting applications from people who aren't part of the first group. You won't need to be a current EIA client or receive any of the qualifying disability supports.

If you apply, you will be evaluated to find out whether you meet the basic eligibility requirements. We will look at:

  • Your financial situation
  • The impact of your disability.

A decision will be made on whether all eligibility requirements have been met. Decisions will be appealable to the Social Services Appeal Board.

Read more about how the intake process will work.