Community Living Options for Individuals Residing at Manitoba Developmental Centre

The Manitoba government in partnership with Community Living Manitoba (CLM) and People First of Canada (PFC) developed this guide to help residents who live at the Manitoba Developmental Centre (MDC), their families and substitute decision makers learn about community living options.

Video Resources

The following links to videos may also help you understand what living in the community is like:

Videos from Manitoba

Additional Videos about Community Living (Outside Manitoba)

Below are three additional videos, two of which show the stories of two people who transitioned from a developmental centre to community living in Ontario.  While programs and services outside of Manitoba may differ, these videos provide more insight into living in the community.

  • Unforgettable Lorraine
    Video and description: Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services
    Lorianne, who is deafblind, has been able to build on the experiences she had at the Rideau Regional Centre and is now thriving with the new opportunities and supports she is receiving in the community.
  • Craig’s Story
    Video and description: Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services
    Craig, a former resident of the Southwestern Regional Centre for people with a developmental disability, now lives independently in an apartment that is attached to a 24-hour support home operated by Community Living Essex.
  • Creating Home: The Story of Bert and Albert Part 1 and Part 2
    Video and description: Brampton Caledon Community Living, hosted on YouTube
    Albert and Bert show that community living has no age limits.

For more information about community living options for residents who live at the MDC, contact staff at one of these locations:

The Department of Families – Eastern Region
25 Tupper Street North
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
R1N 3K1
Phone: 204-239-3092
Toll free: 1-866-513-2185
Fax: 204-239-3198
For other service locations in Manitoba, go to: and click on Rural and Northern or Winnipeg.
Manitoba Developmental Centre
840 – 3rd Street N.E.
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
R1N 3C6
Phone: 204-856-4200
Community Living Manitoba
6 – 120 Maryland Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3G 1L1
Phone: 204-786-1607
Fax: 204-789-9850