Annual Reports and Public Accounts


Manitoba experienced a stronger than expected rebound in the economy in 2021/22. This, combined with prudent investments in front line services, resulted in improvements in Manitoba's fiscal results for 2021/22, a $1.4 billion improvement over the previous year and an $893 million improvement over the Budget.

As of the 2021/22 fiscal year end, the Annual Report and Public Accounts shows the following summary of the government's financial position.

Total Revenue: $19.1B, Total Expenditure: $19.8B, Net Loss: $0.7B, Net Debt: $28.5B

The government undertook significant work over the fiscal year to better serve Manitobans and to improve outcomes.

To contribute to this effort, targeted investments were focused on supporting the economic recovery from the effects of the pandemic, enhancing the three priority sectors, health, education and families, providing tax relief where it matters, improving fiscal management practices, and ongoing pubic sector transformation.

Despite the pandemic, Manitoba continued to invest in the priority areas of health care, education and families.

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