If you are a parent, guardian, grandparent, teacher, coach or another sort of youth ally, these resources are here to help with the conversations you may be having with the young people in your life.

Having a conversation with youth

The Cannabis Talk Kit is intended for parents and guardians who are talking to young people about cannabis use. This resource can prepare you for the types of things a teen might ask about cannabis, and gives suggestions for how to reply.

General information on Cannabis

The Addictions Foundation of Manitoba has cannabis related information describing some overall information about cannabis and some of the side effects common among those who use it.

Additionally, the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health have a concise guide that provides clear, straightforward information about cannabis.

Health Canada has also developed a fact sheet about the health effects of cannabis.

Reducing the risk to your health

Public health experts recommend that young people delay cannabis use as long as possible to avoid harming brain development. The Lower Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines explain how cannabis uses can reduce their risks.

Driving while high

There are a number of widely held myths about cannabis. Driving while impaired by cannabis is illegal and also unsafe.

The laws are changing

General information on legalization has been compiled by Government of Canada in a fact sheet describing how the federal law is changing. Some additional restrictions will be in place in Manitoba. For example, the minimum age to possess or purchase cannabis will be 19 years of age, and it will not be permitted to grow your own plants unless you have medical authorization.

Keep checking back to this page as we continue to add resources.