Cannabis use during pregnancy can be harmful to the baby’s health and may lead to long term effects on the child’s growth and development. There are no known safe amounts of cannabis use during pregnancy therefore it is recommended to abstain from using cannabis if pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Heavy cannabis users, particularly those who mix it with tobacco, have a greater risk of having a premature baby. The baby may also experience lower birth weight, lower alertness and slower growth. Many of the exposed infants have also experienced neurobehavioural disturbances as well as difficulty with memory and lack of attentiveness once they get older.

Morning sickness

Some women have reported using cannabis to treat their morning sickness.  There are other safer and well-studied options to treat morning sickness. Due to potential harms to the fetus, these safer options should be explored with a health care provider.


THC passes into breastmilk and then enters the baby’s brain and fat cells, where it can remain for weeks. Mothers’ cannabis use has been associated with a range of impacts on their baby, including sleep disturbance and poorer school performance later on. Because breastfeeding is still the healthiest choice for babies, it is recommended that women stop using cannabis while pregnant and breastfeeding.

For more information, please see: https://resources.beststart.org/product/a30e-risks-of-cannabis-booklet/

Men who want to be dads

Cannabis has been shown to reduce sperm count, sperm mobility, and sperm concentration. Cannabis may also increase abnormal sperm structure. These effects can make it more difficult for a couple to become pregnant.