Diagnostic and Surgical Recovery Task Force

Every Manitoban deserves access to quality health care when they need it. The COVID-19 pandemic put unprecedented stress on the provincial health care system, resulting in longer wait times for many critical services. The Manitoba government is committed to restoring and improving the system, so that patients are connected with the care they need sooner.

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To address this, in December 2021, the Manitoba government established the Diagnostic and Surgical Recovery Task Force (DSRTF) — a team of highly-respected local healthcare professionals supported by subject matter experts from across Canada. The DSRTF identifies and implements short and long-term solutions to reduce surgical and diagnostic waitlists, shorten wait times for patients and build capacity for long-term health-care system resilience.

So far, the Manitoba government has committed $240 million to support initiatives implemented through the task force. As of March 31, 2023, 132 separate initiatives were proposed, reviewed, approved and funded through the DSRTF, which have resulted in:

  • a total of 72,391 more diagnostic and surgery procedures completed, and
  • an overall 42% reduction in COVID-19 backlogs.

The DSRTF has reduced backlogs for 35 of 36 surgical or diagnostic procedures that it is currently working on. This includes:

  • completely eliminating the backlog for 17 procedures, and
  • reducing the backlog by 50% or more for another 5 procedures.