Diagnostic and Surgical Recovery Task Force

Every Manitoban deserves access to quality health care, when they need it. The COVID-19 pandemic put unprecedented stress on the provincial health care system, resulting in longer wait times for many critical services. The Manitoba government is committed to restoring and improving the system, so that patients get the care they need sooner.

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In December 2021, the Manitoba government established the Diagnostic and Surgical Recovery Task Force to address waitlists for diagnostic and surgical procedures, and other related services affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supported by experts from across Canada, the team of highly respected local healthcare professionals identify and implement short and long-term solutions to improve surgical and diagnostic waitlists and make overall lasting improvements to Manitoba's health-care system.

In Budget 2023, the Manitoba government committed to invest $130 million to address surgical and diagnostic waitlists through the task force.

NEW: In-home sleep diagnostic tests are now available to help reduce wait lists.

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