Diagnostic and Surgical Recovery Task Force

Attention patients and referring physicians.

Effective November 1, 2023, the Diagnostic and Surgical Recovery Task Force is no longer accepting patient or provider referrals. Referrals received prior to this date are being assessed for eligibility within established criteria.

Patients meeting eligibility criteria: Referrals that have been deemed eligible will continue to be supported and scheduled through established task force channels. You will continue to receive communication through the task force and your scheduled procedure will move forward. DSRTF staff will continue to be your primary contact to help you navigate through the process. These staff will also communicate with your health-care provider on matters related to your needed procedure. Please reach out to your task force contacts with any questions.

Patients not meeting eligibility criteria: Referrals received on or after November 1, 2023 will not proceed in most circumstances. Similarly, patients who do not meet the established criteria will also not proceed through task force channels and will have your care needs referred back to normal health operations, with limited exceptions.

  • For patients who self-referred, there should be no required action as your information will not yet have transferred from an existing wait list within the Manitoba health system.
  • For patients who were referred by a provider, DSRTF staff will be in contact with the referring physician over the coming weeks to advise that the referral has not been accepted / is not eligible. Providers will then return the patient to the original waitlist for their care needs.

Manitoba's health system has added capacity in a number of areas and is working hard to ensure more timely access to care and procedures within the province.

More information about diagnostic and surgical wait times in Manitoba is available here.