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coupleHaving access to ongoing care from a home clinic who knows you and your health needs results in better care and better health outcomes - which contributes to a more cost-effective and sustainable health system over the long-term. Manitoba continues to make strategic investments to ensure more people in Manitoba have ongoing access to quality primary care that meets their needs.

Family Doctor Finder helps people find a base for their health care - and staff in the health regions work with those who register to connect them with a home clinic in a location that works for them. Family Doctor Finder strives to match registrants within 30 days of registration, and has been consistently matching over 82 per cent of Manitobans within that timeframe since 2016.

How is Family Doctor Finder doing right now?

As of June 2018 (statistics based on registrants without a family doctor or nurse practitioner at time of registration):

  • More than 82 per cent of Manitobans without a home clinic who registered with Family Doctor Finder since 2016 were matched within 30 days of registration each quarter. Click here to see a year-over-year quarterly comparison.
  • Over 95 per cent of all Manitobans without a provider who registered with Family Doctor Finder had been matched (more than 100,000 people who did not have a provider matched).

Family Doctor Finder would like to hear from you

Family Doctor Finder is continuously working to enhance the service it provides to people in Manitoba. If you have used Family Doctor Finder, we would love to hear about your experience. Please let us know how we're doing by emailing us at:

Family Doctor Finder is part of a broader strategy

Family Doctor Finder is just one part of a broader strategy to build a more robust, accessible and coordinated primary care system for Manitoba families, that includes introducing new and innovative models of care that help to better meet the needs of patients including: Home Clinics, My Health Teams and Mobile Clinics among others.


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