Home Care Services in Manitoba

Home care services were established in Manitoba in September 1974. The first of its kind, home care in Manitoba is the oldest comprehensive, province-wide, universal service in Canada. Home care is provided to Manitobans of all ages based on assessed need and in consideration of other resources available to the individual including families, community resources and other programs.

Roles and Responsibilities - Manitoba Health

Manitoba Health is responsible for:

  • Strategic planning for priority populations;
  • Policy development and interpretation;
  • Monitoring and analysis of services and their impact on those receiving care as well as the broader health care delivery system;
  • Development and monitoring of standards and provincial outcomes;
  • Research on, and development of, program benchmarks and best practices;
  • Management information system standards and development in conjunction with the regional health authorities and;
  • Liaison with other components of the health system in Manitoba and Canada.

Roles and Responsibilities - Regional Health Authorities

The regional health authorities (RHAs) have operational responsibility for home care including planning, delivery and ongoing management of the services. The RHAs are responsible for:

  • Accepting referrals and determining eligibility for home care services, based on a multi-disciplinary assessment;
  • Developing a plan of care which takes into account the needs of the individual and family as well as available community resources;
  • Determining the amount and type of home care services to be provided;
  • Securing, scheduling and supervising the appropriate resources to meet each client's care/service requirements;
  • Developing and maintaining a "pool" of service providers and resources to ensure continuity in the availability of human resources;
  • Managing the personal care home placement process for individuals whose care can no longer be provided in the community;
  • Developing and maintaining liaisons with other components of the health care system to ensure a collaborative and coordinated approach to the delivery of health services across the continuum of care;
  • Establishing and maintaining a quality improvement process that includes documentation of regional policies and procedures and that perpetuates practices that contribute to and enhance quality in service delivery, and that identifies areas that require improvement; and
  • Collecting and analyzing data related to the delivery of home care services for the purposes of critiquing existing practice and planning for future home care service demand.

Questions regarding home care services can be directed to the regional health authority in which you reside.

You may also wish to download Your Guide to Home Care Services in Manitoba.PDF

For more information about home care services in Manitoba, contact your regional health authority office:

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority
Toll-free: 1-855-347-8500
Website: www.ierha.ca

Northern Regional Health Authority
Phone: 204-687-4870
Website: northernhealthregion.com/

Prairie Mountain Health
Phone: 204-483-5000 or Toll-free: 1-888-682-2253
Website: www.prairiemountainhealth.ca

Southern Health-Santé Sud
Phone: 204-428-2720 Toll-free: 1-800-742-6509
Website: www.southernhealth.ca

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
Phone: 204-926-7000
Website: wrha.mb.ca