Frequently-Asked Questions

Q. Am I eligible for Home Care services?
A.  Please see Your Guide to Home Care Services in Manitoba.

Q. What Home Care services are available?
A.  Please see Your Guide to Home Care Services in Manitoba.

Q.  I am moving my family to another province. One of my family members needs home care. How do I go about getting them home care services in our new location?
A.  You should contact the local health authority in the province or territory you are moving to, and discuss the specific situation. Each province has slightly different Home Care eligibility criteria, services available and financial arrangements. Provinces also have different waiting periods until persons moving to their province are eligible for service.

Q.  Who will pay for Home Care until my family member is eligible for services in the other province?
A.  Manitoba does not pay for Home Care services once an individual moves from the province. Individuals should check any supplementary health insurance coverage they may have and should also explore any exemptions to waiting periods in other provinces/territories.

Individuals may also have to pay for services in other provinces that were provided without charge to the client when they were in Manitoba.

Home Care is not an insured benefit covered under the provisions of the Canada Health Act.

Q.  I am moving to Manitoba and I need Home Care. How do I go about applying, and is there a waiting period?
A.  Canadian citizens and landed immigrants moving to Manitoba must first register with Manitoba Health (for information:

If eligible, coverage will begin on the first day of the third month after arrival in Manitoba. Once coverage in Manitoba begins, home care services may be accessed by contacting the regional health authority of residence. The regional home care program will then coordinate the assessment process required to initiate services. Individuals who received home care services in their previous home jurisdiction may wish to contact the regional home care program upon arrival to Manitoba to assist with the transition. Note that individuals may incur a cost for services during the wait period for Manitoba Health coverage.

Q.  I want to start up my own Home Care business. What are the licensing requirements from Manitoba Health?
A.  Manitoba Health does not license private Home Care companies or agencies. These companies must meet the same business licensing and labour standards as any other company being established. Information on starting a health care business can be obtained by contacting Entrepreneurship Manitoba. The phone number is 204-945-2500 or toll-free long distance 1-888-246-8353.

Q. Are family members eligible to be paid for nonprofessional services which would otherwise be provided by Home Care?
A.  Manitobans may be eligible to be paid for home care services they provide to family members through Self and Family Managed Care. Eligibility of a family member for payment must be determined by the regional health authority before the family member can receive payments for non professional services that Home Care would otherwise provide.

In November 2009, Manitoba Health revised the provincial policy that outlines when a person can be paid for providing home care non professional services to a family member. For more information and the eligibility requirements, please contact your local regional health authority.