Manitoba Health Card and Coverage

Manitoba Health issues a card (or registration certificate) to all Manitoba residents that confirms their eligibility to health benefits under The Health Services Insurance Act. Your registration is affected by any change in location or family status. Find out more about registering and changing your Manitoba Health card below.

Manitoba Health is committed to meeting or surpassing
the following service standards for processing:

Manitoba Health Card
coverage applications

two weeks

Currently processing requests received:
June 14, 2024

Demographic changes
to Manitoba Health Cards

two weeks

Currently processing requests received:
June 27, 2024

All other requests

four weeks

Currently processing requests received:
June 9, 2024

Last updated: July 4, 2024

Once your application is approved, it will take up to an additional 7-10 business days for mail to reach your residence. If your application is incomplete, you will be contacted. We are not able to respond to requests for status updates on your application until 30 days after you submitted your application.

To make sure we are able to help all clients before the end of the day, our doors may close earlier than our posted hours.
We apologize for any inconvenience.