Advanced Access: Moving Forward in Manitoba

Advanced Access is about helping you change practices so that your patients can see a physician or other primary care practitioner at a time and date convenient for them.

By significantly reducing wait times for services, your clinic can provide earlier diagnosis and treatment to patients.

How Advanced Access will help your clinic

  • Improved organizational structure – Advanced Access enables for better patient flow and access to services including primary care, treatment and emergency.
  • More efficient use of staff – Advanced Access encourages your staff to use the full scope of their expertise, reducing overlaps and inefficiencies.
  • More teamwork – Advanced Access encourages your clinic staff to function as a team and, as a result, experience more job satisfaction.
  • Better clinical outcomes – Advanced Access enables your clinic to provide earlier diagnoses, improving your patients’ chances for treatments and cures.
  • Better co-ordination and integration – Advanced Access builds more flexibility into your clinic operations, enabling your clinic to provide service to more patients and building your client base.
  • Better communication and co-operation – Advanced Access strives to do today’s work today. This means your clinic does not have to redirect patients to emergency departments or put them on long waiting lists.
  • Better use of financial resources – Advanced Access keeps your bottom-line costs down by eliminating unnecessary and duplicate services.

How Advanced Access will help your patients

Advanced Access provides your patients with:
  • better access to health care services;
  • shorter wait times for, and at, appointments;
  • the option to book “same day” appointments;
  • fewer clinic visits per year and the opportunity to discuss several concerns during one visit;
  • earlier identification of health issues, leading to better results.

How you can implement Advanced Access at your clinic

How you can implement Advanced Access at your clinic
  • Establish an access improvement team made up of at least one physician as well as members of your administrative staff and other health care professionals. (Teams have consisted of as few as two and as many as 14 staff.)
  • Complete the Advanced Access Application Form. (download the form here)
  • Attend a one-day Readiness Workshop.
  • Participate in the 12 month implementation process that includes:
    • Attending 4 two-day in-person learning workshops (all members of your “access improvement team” must attend);
    • implementing learning in your clinic;
    • participating in monthly team conference calls;
    • evaluating your progress monthly and getting feedback on challenges from trainers;
    • engaging patients and staff in feedback surveys.

Manitoba Health supports participating clinics

Your clinic will have access to a variety of resources to help you integrate Advanced Access into your clinic’s day-to-day operation, including:
  • written materials to support topics covered at the learning workshops (and access to articles and papers on subjects/concepts discussed at the sessions);
  • access to a facilitator to help your team set goals, take measurements, report,hold meetings and complete team development work;
  • access to faculty and other participants for information sharing and problemsolving;
  • access to measurement tools for help with spreadsheets, data collection and panel identification;
  • regular teleconferences with faculty and other participating clinics to share information and ideas; and
  • access to group email and a website for asking questions and sharing information.

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