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The Get Your Benefits ProjectIncome is a powerful determinant of health. Family physicians and other care providers have key roles to play in addressing poverty as a risk to their patients' health, due to their close relationships with their patients and their ability to access resources to improve patients' health.

The tools on this website have been adapted for use in Manitoba by a group of interested physicians and health care providers and to assist primary care providers and teams to integrate this approach into their practice.


Download the documents developed by partners below:

Booklet for Patients:
"Get Your Benefits!"PDF

A Clinical Tool for Primary Care Providers (MB)PDF

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It's a fact: Better Income Can Lead to Better Health: Get Your Benefits!


C'est un fait : un meilleur revenu peut se traduire par une meilleure santé : demandez vos prestations! 


Poverty: A Clinical Tool for Primary Care in Manitoba


Outil clinique pour les soins primaires au Manitoba


It's a fact:  Better income can lead to better health

Funding provided in part by the Manitoba government.
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