Cold Chain Protocol - Vaccines and Biologics

Appendix 7: Malfunctioning Freezer Trouble Shooting Checklist

The following checklist is designed to assist in identifying and trouble shooting issues related to possible freezer malfunctions.

  1. Freezer is too warm or cold
          Check for the following:
    • Unit is plugged in, turned on, and the control knob has been set properly.
    • Door is closing properly.
    • Has freezer door been opened too frequently within time period.
    • Temperature recording device is properly located.
    • Freezer is free of thick frost (<1 cm).
    • Good air circulation inside and outside the unit.
    • Exposed coils and the motor are free from dust.
    • Room temperature is appropriate.

Action: Call a freezer technician to assess equipment, if necessary.

  1. Freezer is too noisy (or is making an unusual noise)

Action: Call a freezer technician to assess equipment, if necessary.

  1. Freezer has stopped working
    Check for the following:
  • Electrical cord is undamaged.
  • Unit is plugged in and turned on.
  • Wall outlet is operative.

Action: Appropriate personnel to check fuses and circuit breakers. Call a freezer technician to assess the equipment, if necessary.

Note: If a simple solution to a cold chain problem is not immediately identified (power disconnected, freezer door ajar, temperature probe misplacement, etc.) move vaccines to a back-up freezer (if available) or temporarily store in a thermal shipper (follow appropriate re-icing procedure if using the thermal shipper).

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