Cold Chain Protocol - Vaccines and Biologics

2.  Cold Chain Responsibilities

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People: The Key Ingredient
Proper storage and handling of vaccines and biologics depends on the knowledge and practices of the staff in the health care setting.

2.1  Identification of Responsibility

Each health care setting should designate one (1) staff member as the “Vaccine Coordinator” and another one (1) staff member as “back up”.

The Vaccine Coordinator or backup will be responsible for:

The training for all staff members who may be involved with handling vaccines and biologics should include (Worksheet 2: Provider or Personnel Agreement Form):

  • What to do when deliveries of vaccines and biologics arrive
  • Correct storage temperatures and handling conditions
  • How to read and document temperatures
  • Where the temperature records are located
  • What to do when there is a cold chain failure, including who to notify and the appropriate documentation

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2.2  Assigning Duties and Tasks to Personnel

All tasks related to the cold chain of vaccines and biologics should be assigned to specific staff members. The Vaccine Coordinator and the supervisor/manager should identify a division of responsibilities that works for their specific health care setting (Worksheet 3: Vaccines and Biologics Storage Tasks – Roles and Responsibilities).

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2.3.  Contact Lists

Every health care setting should have a contact list for routine and emergency storage and handling issues. The list should be reviewed annually and updated when there is a change in staff, resources or suppliers (Worksheet 4: Routine and Emergency Contact List).

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