Cold Chain Protocol - Vaccines and Biologics

3.  Management and Accountability

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3.1.  Accountability of Vaccines and Biologics

One of the most important steps in the management of vaccines and biologics is accountability for all the publicly-funded products ordered and received from Manitoba Health.

  • Every dose administered should be entered into the Manitoba Immunization Monitoring System (MIMS) to be applied to the patient's immunization record by:
  • Mark the date of first withdrawal on Multi-Dose Vials (MDV).

Note:  All unused (still in cold chain) and wasted doses must also be accounted for.

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3.2.  Inventory Management

Designated personnel should be responsible for:

  • Monthly physical inventories
  • Regular stock rotations to ensure that products with the soonest expiration dates are used first and kept in front of same product with longer expiry dates.
  • Using product before it expires.
  • Ensuring that no more than one month’s supply of stock is on hand to reduce wastage.
  • Separating Manitoba Health publicly-funded product from privately purchased product.
  • Referring to the product monographs for how long MDV are viable after first puncture.

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3.3.  Expired or Unusable Products

Expired product can be removed from the refrigerator and stored in a container marked “Expired – Do Not Use”.
Expired or unusable products previously received by Manitoba Health can be returned to the Provincial Vaccine Warehouse for potential cost recovery or destruction. To find out more:

  • Contact the Provincial Vaccine Warehouse for return instructions at: 204-948-1333 Toll-Free: 855-683-3306

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