Cold Chain Protocol - Vaccines and Biologics

4.  Storage Practices for Vaccines and Biologics

Relevant Reference Materials:

4.1.  Ordering Vaccines and Biologics from Manitoba Health

Before Ordering Product:
  1. Develop a trigger system to indicate when inventory is low and re-ordering is required; taking into consideration delivery time.
  2. Develop and maintain complete stock records.
  3. Verify on hand stock amounts prior to placing an order (to avoid build up of stock).
Ordering Product:
  1. Order product based on what the health care setting can utilize in one month.
  2. Ensure that trained staff will be present to receive delivery. Whenever possible, arrange for delivery when the Vaccine Coordinator or back-up will be present.
  3. Use the most current Vaccines and Biologics Order Form PDF.
  4. Indicate in the comments area on the order form if there are any specific time frames or days that are best for the delivery.
  5. Alert other personnel of order placed to prevent order duplication.
Receiving Orders:
  1. The receiver must have appropriate training for receiving and storing vaccines and biologics. Untrained staff are to be advised that they must notify the Vaccine Coordinator or back-up immediately when a delivery has arrived.
  2. Ensure that product is promptly placed in the refrigerator
  3. Follow all instructions and review all inserts that are included in the deliveries from the Provincial Vaccine Warehouse.

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4.2.  Placement of Vaccines and Biologics in the Refrigerator

Vaccines and biologics should be stored in a refrigerator that can maintain constant temperatures between +2ºC and +8ºC and the refrigerator should be in a secure location away from unauthorized personnel and public access.

Place product in the refrigerator by (Resource 1: Magnetic Vaccine Storage Diagram):

  • Storing only vaccines and biologics.
  • Storing product only on middle shelves with product expiring first in front.
  • Grouping products using mesh style or open weave plastic baskets, to allow for adequate air flow, that are clearly labelled with product name and a re-order level.
No Food or Beverages should be Stored in Refrigeration Units Containing Vaccines and Biologics.

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