Quick Stats

The following measures provide a summary picture of population health and health services use in Manitoba. The data is displayed in five categories representing the provincial health system:

  1. Demographics and Mortality
  2. Disease and Injury
  3. Medical and Hospital Services
  4. Home Care Services and Personal Care Homes
  5. Preventative Services and Prescription Drug Use

When interpreting this information, please note that:

  1. Unless otherwise stated, indicators are population‐based rather than service‐based. In other words, the indicators reflect where people live, not where they received services.
  2. Where available, the graphs presented show both crude rates and actual counts of the population of interest over a 10-year period. A crude rate is an expression of the frequency of an event in a defined population in a defined period of time. It is calculated by dividing the number of observations by the suitable population and multiplying by an appropriate multiplier (such as 100 to create a percentage). Although crude rates do not take differences in population structure (e.g. an increasing proportion of seniors) into account they are vital for policy and programming as they represent the actual rate in a given population.

More information about these indicators can be found online in the Manitoba Health Annual Statistics publication, available here. Indicator definitions are available in the Appendix, while additional breakdowns (RHA-level rates, age- and sex-specific rates, etc.) are found in the main body of that report.  Please note that for some indicators the figures below may not match the information in the Annual Statistics document exactly, due to slight changes in measurement (diabetes and hypertension prevalence) or additional information becoming available (influenza immunizations).

Any inquiries pertaining to these quick stats should be addressed to:

Information Management & Analytics
Manitoba Health
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Email: Information.Analytics@gov.mb.ca