Healthy Choice FundraisingThese resources are meant for school fundraising and review positive fundraising ideas.  Some of these resources are Manitoba specific, others have been developed outside of Manitoba.

Farm to School - Manitoba Healthy School Fundraiser

Farm to School - Manitoba Healthy School Fundraiser

The Farm to School - Manitoba Healthy Choice Fundraiser promises not only great profit margins, but also the opportunity to...

  • Get fresh, local vegetables at or below supermarket prices

  • Offer healthy food choices

  • Support local Manitoba farmers

  • Support your school’s nutrition policy

Fundraiser Lunches

Fundraiser Lunches
Many schools in Manitoba have told us they dedicate at least a few days in a school term to fundraiser lunches. In fact some schools have told us they may have as many as 30-40 a year! For anyone who has planned or participated in a school wide fundraiser lunch – that’s a lot of lunches!

Hosting a Bake Sale?
Check out these recipes for healthier baked goods!

Bake It Up! - Tasty treats for healthier school bake sales from the Nutrition Resource Centre at the Ontario Public Health Association.

Bake Better Bites

Bake Better Bites: Recipes and Tips for Healthier Baked Goods - For parents, community volunteers, school staff, and students to use when preparing baked goods for sale to students. It includes recipes that meet the 2013 edition of the Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools, as well as tips to make favourite recipes healthier. The baked goods are also tasty choices for classroom and school celebrations.

Health Fundraising for Schools: a practical guide for parents and educators

Looking for other healthy fundraising idea?

Health Fundraising for Schools: A Practical Guide for Parents and Educators -
This guide by DASH BC suggests fundraising ideas for sales, services and events using different themes. Get inspiration, ideas and helpful tips by reading the quotes and success stories from school communities around BC highlighted in sidebars.