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Tax Filing & Benefits

Filing your taxes is an opportunity to boost your income, even if you are not earning an income!

Learn more in this section about financial benefits and where you can go to get help with accessing those benefits and filing your taxes - at no cost.

Why should I file my taxes?
When can I file my taxes?
What do I need to file my taxes?
Where can I find a free tax clinic to help me file my taxes?

Why Should I File My Taxes?

  1. Boost Your Income
    Whether you are a low-income earner or on social assistance, filing your tax return annually can unlock additional financial benefits and credits and improve your financial status.  Did you know you can back file up to 10 years and still access financial benefits? Even if you don’t have an income, you can get money back.

    Here's an example:
Single parent (Taxes Not filed):   (After Tax Filing and Accessing Benefits):
  • Two children ages 2 & 4
  • Renting in subsidized housing
  • Employed part time
  • GST Refundable Credit $ 842.00 ($210.50 paid quarterly)
  • Canada Child Benefits: $12,800.00 ($1,066.66 paid monthly)
  • Working Income Tax Benefit: $ 1,844.00 (with refund OR part paid quarterly)
  • Manitoba Child Benefit $ 840.00 ($35.00 paid monthly)
  • MB Personal Tax Credit $ 266.00 (refund upon tax filing

Annual employment income:  $15, 000.00 ___________________________________________

Total Annual Income:  $31, 592.00 __________________________________________
  1. Finding help with tax filing and accessing benefits is easy
    Financial benefits are always changing. There are many free tax filing services available through partnership with the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program/CRA  trained volunteers- see listing below. Trained tax preparers can help you to file your taxes and help you to identify and access financial benefits that you may be eligible for.

  2. It’s an opportunity to put the extra money to good use
    Tax refunds received after you file your taxes can be used to make big-ticket purchases, pay off existing debt or be used to establish savings and investments for yourself or your family!  For example, consider investing in a Registered Educational Savings Plan (RESP) to help access post-secondary education. Get Your Benefits! is a plain language booklet listing many federal, provincial and regional benefits and programs for individuals and families living in Manitoba.

When Can I File My Taxes?

Taxes should be filed by the end of April annually however you can file your taxes at anytime throughout the year. To help you with this, there are many free tax preparation services offered between February, March and April- see section below. A limited number of free tax services are also offered throughout the year. Private firms offer year round service, however typically there is a cost for service.

What Do I Need To File My Taxes?

To help complete your tax return, you should bring the following;
  • All tax slips (T3, T4, other)
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Personal identification: photo ID is preferred
  • Rent payment information
  • Common law or married couples will need to come together
Download and complete this tax intake form (PDF) provided by the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program. This form will help your tax preparer identify your eligible benefits and help you to access additional income. Take this form with you to your tax preparation clinic or tax service location.

If you don’t have all the necessary documents, many tax services offered throughout the province can also help you get the documents you need.

Where Can I Find A Free Tax Clinic and Get Help To Access Benefits?

Use the listing below to find a free service near you. Free tax services are reserved for low-income individuals and couples who are not self-employed. Unless otherwise noted, services listed are first-come, first-served and are offered by trained tax preparers through the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVTIP) / Canada Revenue Agency. Tax refunds can be expected in as little as 7 to 10 days when using a free tax service. Note: This is not a comprehensive listing. For additional tax services offered in your area check with your local Manitoba Housing office, community centres, groups and churches or use the following websites:

Tax Preparations Clinics - Manitoba - A listing of free community tax clinics in Winnipeg and Manitoba.

211 Manitoba - General listing of tax assistance/clinics in your community (click on financial)

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