Celebrate Successes

Each community-based organization is unique and has succeeded in delivering NHFI programs to increase the supply and reduce the cost of nutritious food in the north, while reducing health risks associated with poor diet. NHFI food security and local food production projects that are meeting needs in communities include:

  • gardening materials and equipmentardening materials and equipment
  • the Revolving Loan Freezer Purchase Program
  • greenhouses, seeds and bedding plantsreenhouses, seeds and bedding plants
  • school nutrition programmingchool nutrition programming
  • nutrition awarenessutrition awareness
  • educational workshops and conferences
  • small livestock productionmall livestock production
  • traditional fishing, hunting, gathering, trappingraditional fishing, hunting, gathering, trapping
  • food preservationood preservation
  • compostingomposting
  • social enterprise development

Other activities not included here range from horticulture therapy and conferences to traditional food projects, such as fish smoking, trapping and hunting, and video documentation of food security projects in the north.

Success Stories in Pictures