Nomination Process

Every year, the Attorney General will send letters to the judiciary, the Law Society of Manitoba and the Manitoba Bar Association, calling for King’s Counsel nominations.

Individuals may nominate themselves or nominate another eligible person for a King’s Counsel appointment. If nominating another individual, you must provide two reference letters for that individual, one from within the Manitoba Bar or Judiciary and another from outside the Manitoba Bar or Judiciary. Those nominated by others will be contacted to provide their CV or resume and fill out the required forms to complete the application process. All nominations are confidential and application information will not be made public.

Each person nominated will need to provide an application package that includes:

  1. Curriculum Vitae or Resume containing relevant information demonstrating how the nominee meets the eligibility criteria, which can include:
    • the nature of the applicant’s practice, including the type of law and the geographic area involved
    • involvement in mentorship, legal scholarship, teaching and continuing legal education
    • involvement in professional organizations, including the Law Society of Manitoba and the Manitoba branch of the Canadian Bar Association
  2. Completed Application and Nomination Form
  3. Completed Authorization Form to the Law Society of Manitoba
  4. Two reference letters to assist in determining if a nominee meets the eligibility criteria. Please include the contact information for these individuals:
    1. One letter is to come from within the Manitoba Bar or Judiciary.
    2. The second letter is to come from outside the Manitoba Bar and Judiciary.
      Note: Only two reference letters will be considered and members of the Advisory Council on King's Counsel Appointments are precluded from being referees.

      Applications will be valid for 3 years.

All nominations and applications must be submitted to the Office of the Minister of Justice and Attorney General:

Room 104 Legislative Building
450 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0V8
Phone: 204-945-3728