Public Reviews and Hearings

  • Upcoming Reviews and Decisions
    When the commissioner declines to take further action on a complaint, the complainant may apply to the commissioner to have the decision reviewed by a provincial judge. Section 13(2) of The Law Enforcement Review Act stipulates that the Commissioner must receive this application within 30 days after the date the decision was sent to the complainant.

  • Upcoming Hearings and Decisions
    Public hearings under The Law Enforcement Review Act (TLERA) are held before provincial judges sitting persona designata. In this respect, they do not sit in their usual capacity as a member of the provincial court. A public hearing will only take place after a matter has been referred by the commissioner under section 17.

  • Admission of Disciplinary Default
    An officer charged with a disciplinary default under The Law Enforcement Review Act can admit to the default. In these situations the Commissioner of LERA, in consultation with the officer's Chief of Police, will recommend one or more penalties. If the officer agrees with the recommendation of the Commissioner, the Chief of Police must impose the penalty. If the officer does not agree with the recommended penalty, the Commissioner must refer the matter to a hearing before a provincial judge.

  • Penalty Hearings

  • Court of Queen's Bench
    An appeal from a decision of a provincial judge lies to the court of Queen's Bench upon any question involving the jurisdiction of the provincial judge or upon any question of law alone.

  • Hearings & Decisions - Law Enforcement Review Board 1985 - 1992