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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 2nd Session - 41st Legislature

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Independent contractors. See Local Vehicles for Hire Act

Independent Hog Farmers Co-op. See Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act, 2017

Independent Living Resource Centre. See Local Vehicles for Hire Act

Indigenous children. See Advocate for Children and Youth Act; Children's Advocate-Annual reports March 31, 2015-2016

Indigenous communities

Elections Manitoba office

Permanent voters list

Swan, LA7-8

Verma, LA7-8

Manitoba East Side Road Authority Repeal Act

Community benefits agreements, capacity building

Maloway, SED59

MPI claims adjustor recruitment

Fontaine, CC14

Guimond, CC14-15

MPI employees, number of

Fontaine, CC15

Guimond, CC17

Indigenous education. See Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act; Auditor General's Report-Management of Manitoba's Apprenticeship Program, July 2017

Indigenous fishers. See Fisheries Amendment Act

Indigenous women. See Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Awareness Day Act


Strategic vs. tangible capital asset

Hrichishen, PA8-9

Mayer, PA8-9

Infrastructure assets

Definition of

Hrichishen, PA4

Morley-Lecomte, PA4

Infrastructure, summary

Definition of

Hrichishen, PA5

Morley-Lecomte, PA5

International Labour Organization

Arthur, SED102

International students. See Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act

Investors Group. See Pooled Registered Pension Plans (Manitoba) Act; Securities Amendment Act (Reciprocal Enforcement)

Isleifson, Len (Brandon East) PC

Local Vehicles for Hire Act (Bill 30)

Compensation, SED544-545

Consultations, SED311, SED540-541

Licences, how to obtain, SED262

Licences, transfer to municipalities, SED266

Municipal oversight, SED329, SED334, SED533

Owner-operator vs. employees, SED211

Taxis, number of, SED252, SED270

Missing Persons Amendment Act (Silver Alert) (Bill 214)

Opening statements, PB14


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