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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 2nd Session - 41st Legislature

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Nagra, Tanjit (University of Manitoba Students' Union)

Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act (Bill 31)

Entrance scholarships, HR19

International students, tuition increase, HR18

Operating grants, HR18

Public presentations, HR17-18

Scholarships and bursaries, HR18

Nakazato, Anthony (Private Citizen)

Medical Assistance in Dying (Protection for Health Professionals and Others) Act (Bill 34)

Palliative care improvements, LA490

Pharmacists, protection for, LA491

Public presentations, LA490-491

National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation. See Orange Shirt Day Act

National Farm Animal Care Council. See Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act, 2017

National Farmers Union-Manitoba

Agricultural Producers' Organization Funding Amendment Act (Bill 35)

Public presentations, AF4-5

Nevakshonoff, Tom (Private Citizen)

First Nations communities

Fisheries industry, duty-to-consult, LA431-432

Fisher River Cree Nation

Individual quota entitlement, LA432-433

Fisheries Amendment Act (Bill 23)

FFMC licence renewal, LA433

First Nations duty-to-consult, LA431-432

Public presentations, LA431-432

Rough fish stocks, LA433

New West Partnership Trade Agreement Implementation Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 7)

Canadian Free Trade Agreement

Allum, SED61

Jurisdictional conflicts

Alward, SED57

Cullen, SED57

Public presentations

Alward, SED56-57

Canadian Federation of Independent Business, SED56-57

Newton, Weldon (Private Citizen)

Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act, 2017 (Bill 24)

Hog industry expansion, economic impact, LA361

Public presentations, LA359-361

Nickarz, David (Private Citizen)

Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act, 2017 (Bill 24)

Public presentations, LA306-308

Norway House Cree Nation

Quotas and economic outlook

Gerrard, LA428

Saunders, LA428-429

Norway House Fisherman's Co-op. See Fisheries Amendment Act


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