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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 2nd Session - 41st Legislature

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Valeluru, Ram (Private Citizen)

Local Vehicles for Hire Act (Bill 30)

Insurance model, SED414-415

Municipal oversight, SED415

Public presentations, SED413-415

Safety standards, SED414

Van Boekel, Arian (Independent Hog Farmers Co-op)

Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act, 2017 (Bill 24)

Anaerobic digesters

Requirement removal, LA289

Public presentations, LA289

VanKoughnet, Dan (Chairperson of the Board, Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation)

Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation

Annual Financial Statement, February 28, 2015-2016, CC1-23

Annual Report, February 28, 2014-2017, CC1-23

Staff reduction (management), CC5

Veitch, Peyton (Private Citizen)

Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act (Bill 31)

Food bank usage, HR37

Public presentations, HR37-38

Student debt, HR38

Tuition Fee Income Tax Rebate, HR39

Verma, Shipra (Chief Electoral Officer, Elections Manitoba)

Elections Manitoba office

Absentee ballots, LA16

Accessibility plan, LA507

Advanced voting, LA525

Advanced voting trends, LA5

Advanced voting, ballot differences, LA20

Advanced voting, expansion of, LA16

Advertising restrictions, LA512

Candidate information, public disclosure, LA520

Candidate vetting, LA520

Citizenship information, notification of--federal, LA7

Conference delegate fees, LA23-24

Continuous voting period, LA525-526

Corporate and union donations, LA17

Displaced voters, LA516

Door-to-door enumeration, elimination of

Cost savings, LA523

Election calendar changes, LA5

Election financing reform, LA507

Election hours, LA17, LA19

Electoral boundaries, LA19

Electoral boundaries, number of people in, LA514

Electoral Divisions Boundaries Commission, LA507

Employees, allowances for, LA17

Enumeration, plans for, LA522

First Nations outreach program funding, LA510

First Nations registration process, LA509-510

First-time voter initiatives, LA13

Future technology, LA21

Government advertising, LA23

Indian status card, ID verification, LA517

Internet voting, LA523-525

Legislative Counsel consultations, LA511

Manitoba ID card, LA18

Next election, new hires, LA10

Non-resident advance voting, LA5

Online voting, LA20-21

Opening statements, LA3-6, LA506-508

Permanent voters list

Benefits and drawbacks, LA6

Conflicting addresses, LA59

Elections Act, amendments to, LA8

Electoral boundaries, LA19

Foundation for, LA518

Frequency of updates--federal, LA518

Health card data, LA514, LA515-516, LA519-520

Indigenous voters, LA7-8

Marginalized groups, LA7

Privacy protections, LA9

Reliable sources of information, LA6-7

Timeline for implementation, LA8

Photo ID requirements, LA22-23

Political parties

Financial reporting requirements, LA11

Promotional advertising, LA12-13

Recommendations, LA4-5

Referendum legislation, development of, LA515

Referendums, wording of, LA17-18

Satellite mapping for addresses, LA514

Set election date, costs, LA9

Single address authority, LA512-513

Standard address type, LA513-514

Standard photo ID's, LA521

Target registration, LA521-522

Third-party advertising, LA526

Voter eligibility, residency requirements, LA519

Voter fraud, LA18, LA516

Voter ID

Public information, LA517

Recommendations, LA508

Requirements, LA508

Requirements, provincial comparison, LA508-509

Vouching, LA511

Voter register, establishment of, LA5

Voter turnout, LA12, LA22, LA516, LA525

Voting age changes, LA523

Young voter engagement, LA6

Young voters, data collection, LA5-6

First Nations communities

Elections Manitoba outreach program funding, LA510

Elections Manitoba registration process, LA509-510

Indigenous communities

Elections Manitoba office

Permanent voters list, LA7-8

Veterinary services. See Service and Therapy Animal Day Act

Vigfusson, Lance (Deputy Minister of Infrastructure)

Auditor General's Report-Manitoba East Side Road Authority, September 2016

Opening statements, PA46-47

Auditor General's Report-Public Interest Disclosure Investigation Manitoba East Side Road Authority, September 2016

Aboriginal engagement strategy, PA58

Capacity building allowances

Capital expenditures, PA57, PA60

Community benefits agreements, PA58-60, PA61

Construction completed, PA49

Construction costs, PA58

ESRA mandate and Infrastructure Department, PA58, PA62-63

First Nations, community input, PA62

Health and safety training, PA51

Joint ventures, number operating, PA50

Opening statements, PA46-47

First Nations communities

East Side Road consultations, PA62

Vinet, Matt (International Society of Arboriculture, Prairie Chapter)

Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act, 2017 (Bill 24)

Written submissions, LA323-325

Virk, Jagtar (Private Citizen)

Local Vehicles for Hire Act (Bill 30)

Public presentations, SED277-278

Vorster, Alewyn (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba)

Medical Assistance in Dying (Protection for Health Professionals and Others) Act (Bill 34)

Amendments, need for, LA475-476

College of Physicians and surgeons recommendations, LA476

MAID standards of practice, LA476

Minimum requirements for, LA476

Patient abandonment, LA476, LA477

Patients right to access, LA476

Public presentations, LA475-477

Voting. See Elections Amendment Act


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