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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 2nd Session - 41st Legislature

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Yakimoski, Blair (Transcona) PC

Auditor General's Report-Operations of the Office, March 31, 2015-2016

Audit requests received, PA24-25

Auditor General's office

Salaries and budgets, PA24

Employee engagement survey, PA25

University of Winnipeg audits, PA25

Auditor General's Report-Public Interest Disclosure Investigation Manitoba East Side Road Authority, September 2016

Aboriginal engagement strategy, PA53

Community benefits agreements, PA53

Compliance issues, PA52

Health and safety oversight, PA51

Public Accounts, March 31, 2014-2016 (Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4)

Budgeting error, PA6

Lapse factor, explanation of, PA6

Net losses, doubling of, PA5-6

Yohannes, Gaim (Private Citizen)

Local Vehicles for Hire Act (Bill 30)

Compensation, SED304-305

Public presentations, SED303-304

Wages and benefits for drivers, SED303

Yuriy, Trevor (Private Citizen)

Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act (Bill 29)

Maintenance and trades, distinct sector, LA80-81

Public presentations, LA80-82


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