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Dauphin Correctional Centre closure. See also Resolutions

Age/condition of building

Cullen, 528

Community consultations

Kinew, 538-539

Pallister, 538-539

Consultation with indigenous communities

Cullen, 542

Lathlin, 542

Consultation with mayor and council

Fontaine, 527

Marcelino, 527


Marcelino, 524

Employee transfer assistance

Nesbitt, 533

Impact on Dauphin community

Cullen, 543-544

Fontaine, 526

Marcelino, 526, 543-544

Job losses

Marcelino, 523, 524

Matters of Privilege

Fontaine, 788-793

Gerrard, 795-976

Overcrowding concerns

Gerrard, 526

Marcelino, 526

Request for healing lodge in Dauphin

B. Smith, 544-545

Cullen, 544-545, 652

Lindsey, 652-653

Pallister, 653

Request for restorative justice centre

Adams, 546-547

Cullen, 546-547

Request to build healing lodge

Cullen, 1005-1006

Fontaine, 1005

Staff transfers to other facilities

Cullen, 527

Transfer of inmates

Cullen, 528

Dauphin region

Economic development strategy

Michaleski, 531-532

Decker Colony

PPE production

Ewasko, 1047

Helwer, 1047

Detox programs

Lamont, 433

Diabetes 360 strategy

Gerrard, 101

Dialysis services

Budget 2020

Fielding, 834

Dauphin area

Isleifson, 607

Digital Contact Tracing Advisory Council Act (Bill 215)

1 R

Kinew, 995-996

Direct sellers. See Door-to-door sales scam

Disabilities, persons with

Diagnostic assessments

Adams, 161

Stefanson, 161-162

Quality of care

Marcelino, 1098

Disability economic support program

Government announcement

Stefanson, 1088

Wowchuk, 1088


Increase in

Squires, 225

Diwali celebration

Friesen, 273-274

Doctors. See Physicians

Domestic violence. See also Employment Standards Code Amendment Act (Leave for Victims of Interpersonal Violence); Interpersonal violence

Cases in Manitoba

Marcelino, 578-579

Crisis line and shelter use, numbers

Naylor, 300

Shelter shortage--First Nations

Marcelino, 579

Termination of leases

Squires, 285

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Cox, 114-115

Fontaine, 115

Lamoureux, 116

Driedger, Hon. Myrna (Roblin) PC

Auditor General Report

Follow-up of Recommendations, March 2020, 535

COVID-19 pandemic

Special sitting of the Legislative Assembly, 861-862

Legislative session

Special sitting due to COVID-19, 861-862

Long-Term Restoration and Preservation Plan

Annual Implementation Plans for 2019-2020 to 2028-2029, 996

Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth

2018-2019 Child Death Review Roll-up, March 31, 2019, 198

Members' Allowances Compliance Report

April 1st 2016 to March 31st 2019, 641

Quarry Rehabilitation Program Investigation

Auditor General's report May 2020, 1035

Speaker's Statement

Manitoba Day 150, 999

Marking the 100th anniversary of the first session of the Manitoba Legislature, 471

Regarding tabling of the Estimates of revenue for the Province. This matter is under advisement as a matter of privilege and is not to be raised in the House until the Speaker has ruled, 111

Special sitting of the Legislative Assembly due to COVID-19, 861-862

Drivers and Vehicles Amendment Act (Bill 20)

1 R

Schuler, 329

Drought, extreme conditions

Feed assistance for cattle farmers

Lamont, 450-451

Pallister, 450-451

Dynacare labs

Winnipeg closures

Asagwara, 122-123

B. Smith, 193

Friesen, 122-123


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