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Youth activism

Climate change

Wiebe, 83

Student Perspectives Expressed At City Council

Adams, 157

Youth at risk. See also Child and Youth Advocate Act; Children's Advocate

Children not in CFS care, services for

B. Smith, 757-759, 761

Programs for

Gordon, 32

Youth education initiative

Interpersonal violence awareness

Asagwara, 457

Youth employment

Outland Youth Employment Program

Gordon, 32

Retail hours of operation, consultation

Moses, 505

Youth for Christ

Micklefield, 83

Youth mental health

Addiction services

Friesen, 113

Funding for services

B. Smith, 249

Pallister, 249

Health Sciences Centre funding

Friesen, 113

Psychiatric assessments-Rural Manitoba

Lathlin, 189

Services for

Asagwara, 66-67

Guillemard, 71

Suicide prevention

Inclusion in case planning

Gerrard, 208

Pallister, 208

Youth programs

Centre for Youth Excellence

Micklefield, 83


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