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I Love to Read Month

Schuler, 535

Teitsma, 477

Icon Technologies

PPE production

Ewasko, 1047

Helwer, 1047

Idea Fund

Helwer, 63-64

Illicit Drug Task Force

Cullen, 430


Government plan

Lamoureux, 27

Pallister, 27

Interpersonal violence awareness training

Asagwara, 457

Brar, 464

Impaired driving, drug

Budget 2020

Fielding, 836

Improving Access and Coordination of Mental Health and Addiction Services: A Provincial Strategy for all Manitobans

Update recommendations

Friesen, 596

Income inequality

Affordable housing challenges

Sala, 100

Increase in

Wasyliw, 134

Income support program

During COVID-19 outbreak

Lamont, 829

Lamoureux, 829

Pallister, 829

Income tax

Basic Personal Amount

General comments

Wasyliw, 856

Indexed to inflation

Fielding, 838

Indigenous children

Mental health and addiction services

B. Smith, 1039

Indigenous communities

Religious persecution

Bushie, 220-221

Kinew, 223

Skills transfer

Bushie, 148

Indigenous health care

Consultations re: Bill 10

Asagwara, 606

Indigenous incarceration rates

Healing lodges

Marcelino, 525

Indigenous women, violence against

Mining/mineral extraction projects

Naylor, 300

Industrial Technology Centre

Annual report, March 31, 2019

Eichler, 198

Infrastructure Department

Budget 2020

Fielding, 837

Infrastructure spending

Guenter, 36

Infrastructure, strategic

Matters of Privilege

Goertzen, 773

Lamoureux, 772-773

Wiebe, 764-772

Projects considered/dropped

Wiebe, 768-769

Water management projects

Wiebe, 768


Fees, elimination of

Wasyliw, 632

Private flood

Wishart, 629

Interim Appropriation Act, 2020 (Bill 53)

1 R

Fielding, 854

2 R


Lamont, 857-858

Wasyliw, 855-857


Fielding, 854-855

Gerrard, 854-855

Lamont, 854

Lamoureux, 854-855

C 3/R

Fielding, 858


Filmon, 858-859

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Cox, 115

Fontaine, 115

International Peace Gardens

Development and renewal

Piwniuk, 263

General comments

Piwniuk, 82

International students

Health coverage during COVID-19 outbreak

Asagwara, 824

Pallister, 824

International Women's Day

Cox, 578

Lamoureux, 579

Marcelino, 578-579

Interpersonal violence (domestic, sexual, stalking). See also Employment Standards Code Amendment Act (Leave for Victims of Interpersonal Violence)

Access to services, difficulty--rural/Northern Manitoba

Naylor, 300

Addiction and poverty

Moses, 305

Clare's Law, introduction of

Cox, 130

Consent in education curriculum

Naylor, 298

Education barriers (language, cultural)

Asagwara, 457

Brar, 464

Education for newcomers

Asagwara, 457

Brar, 464

Extension of employment leave for MMIWG

B. Smith, 267

Fontaine, 267-268, 292

Squires, 267

Extension of employment leave protections

Cox, 130-131, 166-167

Gordon, 166-167, 297

Martin, 96

Squires, 285

Harassment in the workplace

Fontaine, 291

Gerrard, 460

Naylor, 300

Squires, 291

Justice system, difficulty navigating

Moses, 304-305

Marginalized individuals, support for

Asagwara, 456

Paid leave, low-income women

Marcelino, 285-286

Squires, 285-286

Residential Tenancies Act

Lease termination rights

Cox, 454

Victim support services, access to

Asagwara, 455

Youth education initiatives, need for

Asagwara, 457

Interprovincial trade barriers

Removal of

Guenter, 35

Introduction of guests

Aboriginal Community Campus, Neeginan Centre, 70 students

(Point Douglas), 239

Adepoju, Chief Wale

(Point Douglas, Union Station, St. Johns), 157

Akinola, Bose

(Point Douglas, Union Station, St. Johns), 157

Allan, Nancy, 176

Answering the Cry of the Poor

(Notre Dame), 441-442

Assiniboine Community College

(Brandon East), 376

Baker, Craig

(Lac du Bonnet), 376

Beichter, Daniel

(Midland), 333

Beichter, Nicole

(Midland), 333

Carberry Collegiate, grade 9

(Agassiz), 158

Chancellor Elementary School, grade 6

(Waverley), 201

Coutts, Resby

(Lac du Bonnet), 376

Dancho, Raquel

(Kildonan-River East), 44

École secondaire Neelin High school, grade 9

(Brandon East), 442

Emiola, Professor

(Point Douglas, Union Station, St. Johns), 157

Ewasko, Greg

(Lac du Bonnet), 376

Fielding, Brynn, 44

Filani, Ife

(Point Douglas, Union Station, St. Johns), 157

Freedom International School, grade 9-12

(Notre Dame), 20

Frew, Benjamin

(Midland), 376

Gudjonsson, Jurunn, 441

Gudjonsson, Thordur, consul general of Iceland, 441

Gurski, Scott

(Kildonan-River East), 44

Hamblin, Chris

(Midland), 376

Hamblin, Lorne

(Midland), 376

Haruna-Bello, Musiliu

(Point Douglas, Union Station, St. Johns), 157

HBNI-ITV, grade 9

(Portage la Prairie), 538, 582

Kazeem, Atinuke

(Point Douglas, Union Station, St. Johns), 157

Kildonan-East Collegiate, grade 9

(Concordia), 239, 275, 333

Kostyshyn, Judy, 441

Kostyshyn, Ron, 441

Last, Sidney

(Midland), 333

Lawal, Rukayat

(Point Douglas, Union Station, St. Johns), 157

Linden Christian School, grade 11

(Fort Whyte), 275, 376

Linden Christian School, grade 4

(Fort Whyte), 627

Long, Garion

(Midland), 376

Malenko, Claire

(Midland), 333

Manitoba Teachers' Society

(Steinbach), 582

McAlpine, Garry, 239

McAlpine, Gerry, 477

Neepawa Area Collegiate, grade 9

(Agassiz), 333

Nelson McIntyre Collegiate

(St. Boniface), 582

Ogunnaike, Chief Jim

(Point Douglas, Union Station, St. Johns), 157

Olaniyi Oyatoye, Joel

(Point Douglas, Union Station, St. Johns), 157

Omoniyi, Chief

(Point Douglas, Union Station, St. Johns), 157

Oshin, Bimbo

(Point Douglas, Union Station, St. Johns), 157

Petkau, Howard and Theresa, 19

Red River College Language Training Centre

(Union Station), 538

River East Collegiate, grade 9

(Rossmere), 119

Salami, Yunisa

(Point Douglas, Union Station, St. Johns), 157

Sargon, Brett

(Midland), 376

Shadare, Folake

(Point Douglas, Union Station, St. Johns), 157

St. Aidan's Christian School

(Point Douglas), 644

Stevens, Ken

(Lac du Bonnet), 376

Ulrich, Patti

(Lac du Bonnet), 376

Windsor Park Collegiate, grade 9

(Southdale), 20

Yakimoski, Blair, 44, 441

Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program

Fielding, 837

Iron Dog 2020

Ewasko, 1039

Isleifson, Len (Brandon East) PC

Brandon Wheat Kings, 238

Budget 2020

Prebudget consultations, 590

City of Dauphin

Dialysis services, 607

COVID-19 testing

Testing site locations, 829-830

Dialysis services

Dauphin area, 607

Education property tax

Elimination of, expected savings, 324

Ten year phase out, 324

Keystone Centre

New governance model, 341

Members' statements

Brandon Wheat Kings, 238

Municipal Assessment Amendment Act (Bill 200)

2 R

Questions, 313-314

Oral Questions

Budget 2020 preparation

Prebudget consultations, 590

COVID-19 pandemic

Testing site locations, 829-830

Keystone Centre

New governance model, 341

Provincial sales tax (PST)

Expansion of, 324

Regional Health Authorities Amendment Act (Health System Governance and Accountability) (Bill 10)

2 R

Debate, 606-608


Call to address the urgent public safety crisis

Questions, 428

Removing education tax from property

Debate, 323-325

Questions, 320

Royal Canadian Legion

Municipal property tax, removal of

Annual cost savings, 314

University College of the North (UCN)

Tour of, 607


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