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Obstetric services

Elimination of--Flin Flon

Lindsey, 106

Marcelino, 174

Request for reinstatement--Flin Flon

Friesen, 49-50

Lindsey, 49-50

Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

Annual Review December 31, 2017

Cullen, 815

Office of the Fire Commissioner

Annual Report March 31, 2019

Squires, 815

Oil wells

Number of

Nesbitt, 135

Omnibus legislation

Matter of Privilege

Gerrard, 787-788

Goertzen, 787

Moses, 781-787

Opaskwayak Indian Days

Lathlin, 374-375

Operation Red Nose

Smook, 156

Opioid Damages and Health Care Costs Recovery Act (Bill 51)

1 R

Cullen, 812

Opposition Day Motion

By Kinew requesting that the Public Utilities Board immediately hold an extraordinary hearing into the proposed cuts and workforce reduction directed by the Provincial Government

Adams, 1068-1070

Asagwara, 1072-1073

B. Smith, 1070-1072

Fontaine, 1063-1064

Kinew, 1058-1060

Lamont, 1064-1067

Lindsey, 1073

Sala, 1060-1062

Wasyliw, 1067-1068

Wharton, 1062-1063

Organ and tissue donation

Hatcher, Luke

Helwer, 581

Logan Boulet effect

Helwer, 580-581

Transplant Manitoba donor registry

Helwer, 580-581

Outland Youth Employment Program

Gordon, 32


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