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HOUSE INDEX - 1st Session - 43rd Legislature

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Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Capstone program

Members' statements

Marcelino, 467

Dante Day Nursery

Members' statements

Wasyliw, 813

Dela Cruz, Jelynn (Radisson) NDP

Community Foundation Day Act (Commemoration of Days, Weeks and Months Act Amended) (Bill 202)

2 R

Debate, 895-896

Filipino politicians, 82

Government Motion

That the Legislative Assembly affirm its commitment to immediately call for a ceasefire in the Israel and Gaza war to address the famine crisis, 684-685

Health-care facilities

Institutional safety officer placements, 571-572

Health-care workers

Listening tour announcement, 139

Legislative Affairs, Standing Committee on

First Report, 498-499

Second Report, 501

Members' acknowledgements, 81-82

Members' statements

National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women, 406

Transcona Council for Seniors, 129

World Down Syndrome Day, 600

Members'/ministers' personal narratives, 82-83

National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women, 406

Oral Questions

Front-line health-care workers

Listening tour announcement, 139

Health-care facilities-staff and patient safety

Placement of institutional safety officers, 571-572

Radisson constituency, 83-84


Calling on the provincial government to remove the federal carbon tax on home heating bills for Manitobans

Debate, 459-462

Commitment to keeping Manitoba public insurance publicly owned

Questions, 353

Throne Speech

Debate, 81-84

Transcona Council for Seniors

Members' statements, 129

World Down Syndrome Day

Members' statements, 600

Department of Agriculture

Annual Report March 31, 2023

Kostyshyn, 17

Department of Education and Early Childhood Learning

Annual Report March 31, 2023

Altomare, 17

Deputy Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba

Abbott, Tim (new appointment)

Lindsey, 508

Devgan, JD (McPhillips) NDP

Adult literacy

New legislation announcement, 310-311

Education system

Throne Speech, 258

Health-care system

Throne Speech, 258

Islamic Heritage Month Act (Commemoration of Days, Weeks and Months Act Amended) (Bill 207)

2 R

Questions, 637-638

Legislative Assembly of Manitoba

School tours, 542

Manitoba Emblems Amendment Act (Provincial Stone) (Bill 201)

2 R

Debate, 541-543

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI)

Privatization, 356

Strike resolution, 357

McPhilips constituency, 258

Members' acknowledgements, 257-258

Members' statements

Robins, Luke, 914

Skyliner Immigration Services, 238-239

Members'/ministers' personal narratives, 259

Muslim community

Contribution to Manitoba, 638

Islamic heritage month (selection of October), 638

Oral Questions

Adult Literacy Act

New legislation announcement, 310-311

Former government

Fiscal record, 32

Provincial finances

Former government, fiscal record, 32


Commitment to keeping Manitoba public insurance publicly owned

Debate, 356-357

Robins, Luke

Members' statements, 914

Skyliner Immigration Services

Member statements, 238-239

Throne Speech

Affordability measures, 259

Debate, 257-260

Education system, 258

Health care, 258

Tyndall stone

Fossils in, 541

Historical architecture, use in, 541

Diabetes Awareness Month

Cross, 278-279


Increased rates of

Request for plan to address

Kinew, 245

Lamoureux, 244-245

Insulin deductible

Asagwara, 245

Lamoureux, 245

School-age children, insulin support at school

Asagwara, 245

Lamoureux, 245

Diagnostic and Surgical Recovery Task Force

Dissolution of task force

Asagwara, 29-30

Cook, 29-30

Johnson, 219

Disabilities, persons with

Equal Opportunities West

Kennedy, 64

Housing unaffordability

Wasyliw, 178

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Fontaine, 234

Stone, 234-235

Disability Support Act

EIA, changes to

Perchotte, 590-591

Downtown community safety patrol

Request for Brandon program

Balcaen, 663-664

Kinew, 663-664

Drivers and Vehicles Amendment Act (Bill 19)

1 R

Wiebe, 699

Drought. See Agriculture industry

Drug overdose prevention

Sunshine House, first-year anniversary

Oxenham, 54

Ducks Unlimited Canada Day

Schmidt, 764-765

Wowchuk, 765

Dyck, Louise

Members' statements

Narth, 407

Dykun, Loretta

Members' statements

Redhead, 65


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