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HOUSE INDEX - 1st Session - 43rd Legislature

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Obsolete Brewing Company

Kostyshyn, 661-662

Occupiers' Liability Amendment Act

Accident and injury on private property

60 day notice period

Goertzen, 740, 742

Pankratz, 748

Wasyliw, 742, 743-744

Wiebe, 747


Goertzen, 742

Wasyliw, 742

Cross-jurisdictional comparison

Byram, 742

Goertzen, 742

Reasonable excuse, definition of

Schmidt, 746

Occupiers' Liability Amendment Act (Bill 203)

1 R

Goertzen, 595

2 R


Pankratz, 748-749

Schmidt, 745-746

Wasyliw, 743-745

Wiebe, 746-748

Opening statements

Goertzen, 739-741


Balcaen, 741-742

Byram, 742

Goertzen, 741-743

Wasyliw, 741-743

Olieshko, Maryna

Members' statements

Schott, 562


Annual Report for March 31, 2023

Lindsey, 502

Oxenham, Logan (Kirkfield Park) NDP

Affordability measures

Fuel tax reduction, 351


Violent/repeat offenders, five-point plan, 710

Budget 2024

Debate, 1036-1038

Bushel Plus, 555

Climate change

Damage to property, 555

Drug overdose prevention

Sunshine House, first-year anniversary, 54

Emergency room services

Expansion of patient discharge days, 164

First Nation Premier

Acknowledgement of, 52

Gender-affirming health care, 53

Health-care workers

Burnout, 53

Indigenous women

First appointed to Cabinet, 52

International Trans Day of Visibility

Members' statements, 947-948

Justice system

Transgender people, 53

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI)

Consultation re: Resolution, 352

Privatization, 352-353

Strike resolution, 351

Members' acknowledgements, 54-55

Members' statements

International Trans Day of Visibility, 947-948

Transgender Day of Remembrance, 19-20

Oral Questions

Emergency room wait times

Expansion of patient discharge days, 164

Justice Department

Violent and repeat offenders

Five-point bail plan, 710

Violent and repeat offenders

Five-point bail plan, 710


Calling on the provincial government to remove the federal carbon tax on home heating bills for Manitobans

Debate, 554-555

Commitment to keeping Manitoba public insurance publicly owned

Opening statement, 350-352

Questions, 352-354

Sunshine House

Mobile overdose prevention, first-year anniversary, 54

Throne Speech

Debate, 52-55

Transgender Day of Remembrance, 19-20

Transgender people

International Trans Day of Visibility, 947-948

In justice system, 53

Two-Spirit and Transgender Day of Visibility Act (Commemoration of Days, Weeks and Months Act Amended) (Bill 208)

1 R, 854


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