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HOUSE INDEX - 1st Session - 43rd Legislature

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Hamas. See Government Motion; Ministerial statements under Call for ceasefire in Gaza

Hanukkah celebrations

Members' statements

Moroz, 468

Stefanson, 468

Headingley community

Child-care facilities

Cook, 180-181

Headingley Fire Department

Run for Wishes

Cook, 1003

Headingley Run for Wishes

Cook, 345

Health cards

New plastic card announcement

Asagwara, 956

Chen, 956

Health Department

Annual Report March 31, 2023

Asagwara, 97

Health Sciences Centre

Adult bed tower project

Asagwara, 67-68

Cook, 67-68

Nurse safety, request for security plan

Kinew, 309-310

Lamoureux, 309

Health-care advisory committee

Inquiry into decision to abolish

Asagwara, 865-866

Cook, 865

Health-care aides

Ten Ten Sinclair Housing strike

Quality of care concerns

Asagwara, 572

Cook, 572, 604-605

Kinew, 604-605

Health-care capital projects

Construction timeline inquiry

Asagwara, 159

Cook, 159

Health-care facilities

Hours of operation and staffing--rural Manitoba

Asagwara, 244

Cook, 244

Institutional safety officer placements

Asagwara, 572

Dela Cruz, 571-572

Health-care services. See also Gender-affirming health care

Abuse investigation backlog

Asagwara, 71-72

Lamoureux, 71

Health-care system

Budget intention

Kinew, 414

Lamoureux, 414

Capital investments

Stefanson, 48

Federal/provincial agreements

Chen, 551


Stefanson, 48


Asagwara, 476

Chen, 476

NDP record on

Piwniuk, 249-250

Throne Speech

Balcaen, 213

Devgan, 258

Johnson, 219

Kennedy, 253

Kinew, 294

Lamoureux, 56

Moyes, 217

Nesbitt, 224, 227

Wowchuk, 269-270

Wait time reduction and capacity initiatives

Asagwara, 246

Moyes, 245-246

Wait times, constituent case concern

Asagwara, 952-953

Cook, 952

Health-care workers


Oxenham, 53

Burnout (Throne Speech)

Moroz, 95-96

International credentialing

Stefanson, 48

Listening tour announcement

Asagwara, 139

Dela Cruz, 139

Misconduct reporting and whistle-blower protection

Asagwara, 310

Lamoureux, 310

Recruitment and retention

Competitive tax environment

Cook, 1005-1006

Kinew, 1005-1006

Recruitment and retention (Throne Speech)

Stone, 80-81

Recruitment inquiry

Asagwara, 31

Lamoureux, 31

Training wait times

Moroz, 96

Health-care workers, internationally educated

Recruitment and settlement funding

Asagwara, 707-708

Cook, 707-708

Recruitment from the Philippines

Bereza, 507

Recruitment, funding and accreditation

Asagwara, 777-778

Cook, 777-778

Hearing aid program

Asagwara, 375


Asagwara, 110

Johnson, 110

Lamoureux, 375

Program expansion inquiry

Asagwara, 307

Johnson, 307

Heat pumps

Ground source

Altomare, 185

Installation costs

Khan, 453

Throne Speech

Moyes, 217

Heavenly Care care home

Members' statements

Guenter, 563-564

Helwer, Ron

Members' statements

Balcaen, 156-157

Hiebert, Carrie (Morden-Winkler) PC

Addiction and homelessness

Request for plan to address, 247

Throne Speech, 189

Addiction treatment services

Funding, 669-670

Adult Literacy Act (Bill 5)

2 R

Questions, 327

Adult literacy programs

Learning disabilities, 327

Affordable housing

Shortage, plan to address, 282

Throne Speech, 189

Carbon tax

Upcoming increase

Call for government to oppose, 919

Community Foundation Day Act (Commemoration of Days, Weeks and Months Act Amended) (Bill 202)

2 R

Questions, 891-892

Education Property Tax Credit

Affordability concerns, 511

Firefighters Recognition Day Act (Commemoration of Days, Weeks and Months Act Amended) (Bill 200)

2 R

Questions, 344


Retired firefighter recognition, 344


Shelters and social housing units, 72-73


Residential and rental construction

Removal of PST on new units, 305-306

Learning disabilities

Adult literacy programs, 327

Members' acknowledgements, 187

Members' statements

Morden-Winkler community centres, 915

Voth, Coleen and Colleen Mourant, 366-367

Members'/ministers' personal narratives, 187-188

Ministerial statements

Substance Use and Addictions Awareness Week, 62-63

Morden-Winkle constituency, 186-187

Community centres, 915

Mourant, Colleen

Members' statements, 366-367

Oral Questions

Addiction and homelessness

Request for plan to address, 247

Addiction treatment services

Government funding intention, 669-670

Affordable housing shortage

Request for plan to address, 282

Education property taxes

Affordability concerns, 511

Individuals experiencing homelessness

Shelters and social housing units, 72-73

Residential and rental construction

Removal of PST on new units, 305-306

Upcoming federal carbon tax increase

Request for province to oppose, 919


Medical assistance in dying and suicide prevention, 926-927

Special Olympics, 367

Substance Use and Addictions Awareness Week, 62-63

Throne Speech

Addiction and homelessness, 189

Affordable housing, 189

Debate, 186-190

Voth, Coleen

Members' statements, 366-367

Highway 201

Upgrade inquiry

Narth, 367

Naylor, 367

Highway 311

Wildfire and bridge replacement

Narth, 375

Naylor, 376

Highway and road

Upgrades--La Vérendrye

Narth, 276

Naylor, 276

Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Bill 20)

1 R

Wiebe, 699-700

Highways and roads


Guenter, 69-70

Naylor, 69-70

Repair budget for 2024

Guenter, 1008

Naylor, 1008

Hindle, John

Members' statements

Moses, 367


McLeod, Albert (Indigenous advocate)

Asagwara, 276

Smith, Dr. Dick

Asagwara, 276

World AIDS Day

Asagwara, 275-276

Cook, 276-277

Lamoureux, 277

Hoffman's Fine Foods

Members' statements

Lamoureux, 702-703

Holodomor Memorial Day

Kostyshyn, 99

Lamoureux, 100

Narth, 99-100

Home heating

Alternative power sources

Khan, 727

Geothermal and heat pump pledge

Request for conversion plan

Perchotte, 610

Schmidt, 610

Geothermal systems, installation costs

Khan, 727-728

Perchotte, 551

Home-care services

Care hours available

Lamoureux, 57-58


Kinew, 374

Lamoureux, 374

Self-and family-managed care

Asagwara, 307

Johnson, 307

Senior care

Blashko, 223

Homeless shelters

Extended opening hours (24-7)

Pankratz, 209


Ending chronic homelessness

Kinew, 295

Shelters and social housing units

Hiebert, 72-73

Smith, 72-73

Hospitality sector

Labour shortage, employer specific draws

Lamoureux, 668

Moses, 668


Residential and rental construction

Removal of PST on new units

Hiebert, 305-306

Smith, 306

Shortage (Throne Speech)

Johnson, 220

Housing unaffordability

Persons with disabilities

Wasyliw, 178


Wasyliw, 178

Human rights

Gaza war

Kinew, 598

Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Lamoureux, 767

Smith, 765-766

Stone, 766-767

Humane Society

One Health program funding

Bereza, 774

Kostyshyn, 774

Hunting. See Night hunting


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