Caucus Office and Independent MLA Staffing
and Operating Budget Formula

The caucus office staffing and operating budget formulas were established in December 1988 as a result of Legislative Assembly Management Commission (LAMC) all party negotiations. In November 2023 LAMC approved one additional position be added to the Staffing Budget Formula for each Caucus or Independent Member elected under a party banner.

STAFFING Budget Formula

STAFFING Budget Formula (updated November 2023)

Five (5) staff for official party status (minimum of four (4) MLAs) Plus one staff for each four (4) MLAs or part thereof. Eg: A caucus comprised of 15 members would be entitled to 5 staff plus (15 ÷ 4) 3.75 staff. However, since it is “part thereof” that makes the .75, a full staff for a total of (5+4) 9 staff.

OPERATING Budget Formula

$50,000.00 - official party status
$10,000.00 - on-going minor capital funding
$  3,000.00/MLA - caucus’ over 4 members (official party status)
$  1,000.00/MLA - for all caucus MLA’s – approved Feb. 2005

*established in fiscal year 2017/18 as a result of LAMC all party negotiation

STAFFING Budget Formula (updated November 2023)

$27,500.00 (0.50 FTE – AY3 Classification)

An Independent MLA elected under a party banner is entitled to one additional FTE (AY4 classification).

OPERATING Budget Formula (base budget, COLA applied annually)

$ 8,700.00