Department Structure


Vision: Manitobans experience physical, mental, social, cultural and spiritual well-being across their lifespan.

Mission: To create an integrated, responsive, and accessible system of wellness, mental health, substance use and recovery services and supports that meets the needs of Manitobans.


Health Promotion and Wellness

The Health Promotion and Wellness Branch provides strategic direction and funding to wellness programs.

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Mental Health and Addictions

The Mental Health and Addictions Branch provides leadership for provincial planning, policy development, and project implementation as it relates to mental health, substance use/addictions and recovery.

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Mental Health Review Board

The Mental Health Review Board is an independent tribunal that gives psychiatric patients of designated hospitals and the psychiatrists that work with them a fair and impartial hearing on some very specific aspects of admission and medical treatment.

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Chief Provincial Psychiatrist / Director of Psychiatric Services

The Chief Provincial Psychiatrist / Director of Psychiatric Services is responsible for the general oversight of psychiatric services for all Manitobans.

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