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UPDATE April 1, 2022

We want to let you know how Selkirk Mental Health Centre's work and mission will be continuing over the coming months and years.

Starting April 1, we will officially be joining Shared Health while continuing our work in supporting provincial mental health service delivery for Manitobans. Please know there is no change to our current services, or how you access them. All our programs and staff will continue to be here to support you. Overall, there is very little change for our clients and families. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to continuing in our work of supporting Manitobans, now as part of Mental Health & Addictions, Shared Health.


Selkirk Mental Health Centre (SMHC) is a 252-bed facility that provides specialized inpatient mental health and acquired brain injury treatment and rehabilitation services to residents of Manitoba whose challenging needs cannot be met elsewhere in the provincial health care system.

SMHC also provides mental health services to people from the Territory of Nunavut without locally available inpatient mental health facilities.

Services are provided through five specialized patient programs: Acute, Geriatric, Rehabilitation, Forensic and Acquired Brain Injury.



Acquired Brain Injury Program

The Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Program is a 20 bed inpatient program which is located in the Tyndall Building in Areas 1 and 2.
The ABI Program provides an intensive rehabilitation and discharge focus. The interdisciplinary team works toward patient-driven goals using a psychosocial/physical rehabilitation approach. Team members establish and maintain strong linkages with community resources in order to maintain viable discharge options. The Program partners with family and caregivers in planning and addresses the medical, psychological, vocational, social, emotional, psychiatric, recreational and spiritual needs of patients.

Acquired Brain Injury - Program Referral Form - PDF version


Acute Program

The Acute Program provides inpatient treatment and rehabilitation for patients with acute mental illness requiring clinical and functional assessments, diagnosis, and multidisciplinary treatment. The program also serves patients who require a secure environment due to behaviours, which may be harmful to themselves or others. The goal of the program is to address patients' acute and immediate psychiatric needs and to provide support and assistance in returning patients to their community of choice as quickly as possible.


Forensic Program

The Forensic Program is an 18 bed unit that offers an integrated and comprehensive range of forensic mental health services for individuals who have been deemed, by virtue of their legal status and psychiatric condition, to require long-term psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation in a secure facility. The goal is to provide services that are aimed at rehabilitation and safe reintegration into the community.


Geriatric Program

The Geriatric Program provides specialized geriatric mental health services to patients who experience persistent mental illness, dementia, or progressive cognitive impairment.

The program focuses on maximizing independence and quality of life through the empowerment of patients with the goal of providing services aimed at rehabilitation and safe reintegration into a community of the patient's choice.

Admission Criteria- Geriatric Program

The Geriatric Program is a 75-bed inpatient program that provides specialized geriatric mental health services for individuals 65 years of age or older. Services are provided to individuals who experience persistent mental illness, dementia, progressive cognitive impairment and have complex mental health challenges. The interdisciplinary team provides a safe and recovery-oriented environment for individuals who are unable to be managed in community, require an extended psychiatric admission for stabilization & rehabilitation and require behavioral management for their illness.

Admission to the Geriatric Program is by referral from external agencies within the Regional Health Authorities of Manitoba. All other options for placement in the community must be explored.

Referrals are received on the recommendation of a variety of health care providers including Psychiatrists, Social Workers, and other Geriatric Team Members. It is the responsibility of the referral source to ensure that the admission criteria are met and appropriate documentation is provided. All individuals are required to be medically stable before admission. The Geriatric Intake Team reviews the referral, completes a face-to-face assessment, and responds to the referring agency within 10 working days.

Geriatric Program Referral Form


The Geriatric Program provides comprehensive assessments using the P.I.E.C.E.S.™ model to diagnosis and plan for treatment services. The interdisciplinary team provides a safe and recovery-oriented environment where individualized recovery plans are developed with patients, families and community partners. Our Program is modeled on the Principles of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, which focuses on involving the patient and family in the recovery planning process.

Extensive resources and services are available to patients at SMHC and are accessed according to the patient's individualized recovery plan. The following is a list of resources in the Geriatric Program:

  • Geriatric Resource Staff that specializes in Geriatric Mental Health and assist the treatment team in assessment and treatment of Dementia and other age related diagnoses. The Geriatric Resource team provides therapy for geriatric patients as well as education and support for the treatment team and family members.
  • Geriatric Program Group Staff include a Nurse and a Social Worker with extensive experience working with the Geriatric Population. Group staff provides group and individual therapy sessions that assist in recovery, discharge planning, socialization, mindfulness, reminiscence and cognitive stimulation. Maintaining connections with family and reintegration into the community of their choice is the focus of recovery.
  • Nursing staff are knowledgeable in age related mental and physical health concerns and interventions. The nursing staff is comprised of Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Psychiatric Nursing Assistants.
  • Psychiatrists, Psychologists and General Practitioners who assist in the treatment and Recovery of our Geriatric Patients.
  • Geriatric Program Allied Health staff include Social Workers, Dietician, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Recreational Therapist, and Rehabilitation Assistants, who provide individualized and/or group therapy to patients.
  • Geriatric Program Manager and Coordinator of Patient Services coordinate interdisciplinary patient treatment teams to provide assessment, treatment, planning, implementation and evaluation of patient outcomes and effectiveness of treatment. This is evidenced through patient progress notes, patient/family conferences and informal patient centered discussions using a patient-directed approach that is characterized by hope for recovery.


Rehabilitation Program

The Rehabilitation Program incorporates the principles of psychosocial rehabilitation into the treatment and recovery of patients with severe and persistent mental illness. The focus is assisting patients in developing the skills necessary to live safely and successfully in the community of their choice. The goal is to improve patients' quality of life, which will assist them to function as actively and independently in society as possible.

Admission Criteria - Rehabilitation Program

Admission to the Rehabilitation Program is by referral from external agencies within the Regional Health Authorities of Manitoba. An Intake Team reviews the information and responds to the request within 10 working days.

Acceptance for admission is for individuals:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness
  • Guidelines
    • Must be medically stable
    • All pharmacological efforts have been exhausted
    • All other community placement options have been attempted
    • Supports as appropriate (family, significant other) must be aware of the referral
    • Community Mental Health Worker remains available for discharge planning
    • Intellectual Disability diagnosis are not appropriate candidates for the Rehabilitation Program

Rehabilitation Program Referral Form

Community Rehabilitation Services (CRS)

Patients at Selkirk Mental Health Centre can use the Community Rehabilitation Services in preparation for discharge.

The goal of Community Rehabilitation Services is to provide a community based skill development for patients.

The objectives are to facilitate opportunities for patients to develop and improve upon skills needed to make their transition to community living successful and to improve self confidence and self esteem while developing the skills and experiences of community living.

Community Rehabilitation Services residences are located in the City of Selkirk.

Community Rehabilitation Services offers assessment and training in the following:

  • Social/Interpersonal Skills
  • Health Management/self care
  • Independent living skills
  • Community/family involvement

Vocational Incentive Program (VIP)

The Vocational Incentive Program (VIP) is designed to develop work readiness and access community vocational rehabilitation services upon discharge through learning work skills and appropriate behaviors in work oriented experiences. VIP is accessible for all patients at Selkirk Mental Health Centre.

The goals are to:

  • Provide the opportunity to learn and develop work habits that would increase ability to gain employment.
  • Learn and develop specific work skills.
  • Enable patients at all stages of recovery to experience a feeling of productivity and normalization through the role of being a worker.
  • Provide opportunity for assessment and training in specific work activities and maintenance of work skills.
  • Assist with reintegration into the community.


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