Submitting a Nomination

General Information

  • Nominators should be persons who have benefitted from or who are familiar with the volunteer activity of the candidate.
  • Separate nominations may be submitted for as many individuals, youths or groups as desired.
  • Municipal, provincial and federal politicians presently holding office are not eligible to nominate or be nominated.
  • Members of the candidate’s immediate family are not eligible to nominate or act as references.
  • Nominators or references may be contacted for additional information.

Nominations can be submitted through Volunteer Manitoba's website at

For more information or help completing the nomination, phone 1-800-888-922-4545 or 204-477-5180.


1. Submit a nomination on or before January 15, 2024 by:

  • Filling out the online nomination form at, or
  • Printing and completing the printable form (below) and sending it to Volunteer Manitoba at
  • 511-428 Portage Avenue
    Winnipeg, MB, R3X 2G4
  • Ensure that the candidate’s name is correctly spelled as it will be used on official materials.

2. Tell us about your nominee and what makes this person or community group exceptional.

  • Your nomination should describe the nominee’s volunteer work and how it has affected the organization or community. Provide details on the following topics, if applicable. Please be thorough as your description will be the only information available to the judges.
  1. Activity - Briefly describe the activity for which the candidate is being considered.
  2. Need - Describe the need filled by the nominee. Why was the need important to the community or recipient of service?
  3. Method - What did the nominee do to address the need?
  4. Impact - What was the outcome of the candidate’s efforts? How many people benefitted? What was actually accomplished?
  5. Leadership - In what way did the candidate demonstrate leadership?
  6. Perseverance - What challenges were met or what obstacles were overcome?
  7. Creativity - What imagination was shown?
  8. Other Volunteer Involvement - In what other volunteer activities has the candidate participated?
  9. Summary - What is exceptional about the volunteer contribution? How is the nominee an inspiration to others? Why should the award be given to this person or organization?
  • Include printed matter such as letters, news clippings, pamphlets and testimonials if directly related to the candidate’s volunteer activities. Highlight specific section(s) for the judges’ attention.
  • Photographs will be accepted, but please do not send video or audio cassettes, displays or films.

Complete the online nomination form at on or before January 15, 2024.

Premier's Volunteer Service Award Nomination